Meat on a Boat

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2012 • all rights reserved

If you eat meat, you’ve probably got some questions about storing and using meat on your boat. I know I sure did!  Actually, I was lucky as much of what I’d learned from my one-time butcher dad and on numerous camping and canoeing trips really carried over.

These days, most of us are used to buying meat all nicely butchered into the exact cuts we want, and we have large refrigerators with a meat storage drawer — not to mention a good-sized freezer.  On a boat, you may not have any of this . . . but you can still have great meals with meat.  Yeah, even if you don’t have a refrigerator.

“Meat” questions have always been a big topic here on TBG, so I’ve put together a mini-series on the topic:

These days, Dave and I eat less meat than we used to for health reasons . . . but we haven’t totally given it up.  And I continue to learn little tips . . . please add any of your own in the comments!

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  1. Thanks. These are great hints.

  2. I live aboard in SE Alaska, so I have the luxury of a grocery store run every couple of days to buy meat. That still makes it VERY expensive! (Nearly $6/lb for “cheap” ground beef). I’d be able to cut that price in half, if I could store bulk.
    To remedy this, I am turning to canning at home. This may be much less feasible for full time cruisers, on very small sailboats, but I do know a few cruisers/sailors who put this into effect regularly.
    By borrowing a few canning supplies (and a kitchen if there’s absolutely NO room) you can spend a few days cooking, and store ingredients, even full meals, much easier. There’s a lot of planning and coordinating that needs to happen, but it is worth it – at least for me!
    AND after the canning is done, reheating ingredients uses much less propane than cooking a full meal from scratch!
    Your location, availability of supplies, galley and storage limits must be taken into consideration, but it’s definitely worth looking into 🙂

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