Kitchen Shears

About five years ago, my sister-in-law gave me a pair of Wusthof Kitchen Shears, pictured, and I absolutely love them.  I have owned several different pairs of kitchen shears over the years and they are by far the best — and they certainly aren’t the most expensive!

A picture of my shears is at right, taken apart to show specific features.  A few of the reasons that I like these include:

  • I love my Wustof kitchen shears -- read why they're great anywhere, but particularly on a boat where you may have to bone your own meat and do other tough chores.Very high quality stainless has not rusted in 5 years!  I know mine look as though one surface is a little off color and possibly rusted, but that is just the light — they don’t have a speck of rust on them.
  • The blades stay sharp and can be resharpened using any standard sharpener, such as the one I recommend in my article on knives.
  • The blades come apart for cleaning and sharpening — even if you don’t buy these, this is a “must have” feature.  If the shears don’t come apart for cleaning, tiny particles of meat will catch in the crevice between the blades, which will then grow bacteria, which can lead to food poisoning.  NOTE:  The product description of these on Amazon talks about removing the plastic screw cover to separate the blades, but all you actually have to do is open the blades all the way open to line up the slot and tab.
  • Designed so that you get a lot of leverage to cut through bones and joints — I don’t know exactly what’s different from other shears I’ve owned, but these go through bone and tendons much easier than the others.
  • Handles are non-slip and reasonably comfortable (none are 100% comfortable when cutting through bone).  Even if your hands are wet, they work well.
  • Can be used either right- or left-handed.
  • One blade is slightly serrated, so that meats doesn’t slip.
  • There’s a “bone notch” in one blade — when you’re trying to cut through a bone, catch it in the bone notch so it will remain steady as you close the blades.  This is one of those features that you don’t appreciate until you (a) use it and then (b) use another set of kitchen shears that doesn’t have it.
  • And there’s a jar opener in the handles!

One final note:  while these are called “kitchen shears,” they can be used on any tough materials that regular shears won’t cut.  I’ve used them to cut carpet, dinghy patches, webbing, numerous types of hoses and more.

My Wusthof kitchen shears are wonderful for boning meat and doing other tough chores.

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  • Nancy Greg Hershman on Facebook
    Posted at 21 August 2012 Reply

    I keep two pair in my galley drawer and a couple pair in our misc. (junk) drawer.

  • Kim Johnson on Facebook
    Posted at 23 April 2013 Reply

    Just ordered a pair. Thanks for the insight.

  • Alex Miller on Facebook
    Posted at 23 April 2013 Reply

    We lost our excellent kitchen shears in our recent move. 🙁 we already replied the flatware that went with them, but always hesitate to buy tools like this until I know it is quality and not cheap stuff from [insert country] that will not last long. Thanks for the reminder. I wish I could remember what brand we had.

  • Alex Miller on Facebook
    Posted at 23 April 2013 Reply

    It doesn’t say country of origin (why isn’t that a law as for labeling when you can physically see the packaging. Doesn’t help if ordering over the Internet and can’t see the package). Do you know?

  • The Boat Galley on Facebook
    Posted at 23 April 2013 Reply

    I just looked at mine and it’s not stamped into them, but Wustof is a German brand and several sources such as Williams-Sonoma say they are made in Germany.

  • Suzy Noel on Facebook
    Posted at 23 April 2013 Reply

    CUTCO makes a really good pair of shears that also come apart for cleaning. I also like the lifetime guarantee on the knives. They are available online.

  • Vicki Shumaker
    Posted at 23 April 2013 Reply

    I don’t have a pizza wheel cutter onboard. Just cut our pizza with the shears. Works great.

  • Patti Gay Hartzell
    Posted at 17 January 2014 Reply

    I have these, love them!

  • Patti Gay Hartzell
    Posted at 17 January 2014 Reply

    I have a pair of these, love them! My favs too!

  • Patti Gay Hartzell
    Posted at 17 January 2014 Reply

    I have these, Love them, my favs also!

  • James Gyore
    Posted at 15 June 2017 Reply

    I have the wusthof grant prix II range which included this kitchen shear… Was worth every cent. Gee, some $700AU, fifteen years ago now, and just like yours still going strong.

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