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Save space and weight aboard with powdered milk for your baking and cooking -- if you know where to get the good stuff, you'll be surprised at how good it is!No, I’m not suggesting drinking powdered milk on a regular basis.  I much prefer boxed milk for drinking, cereal and things like that.

But powdered milk — that is, good powdered milk — works wonderfully in making your own yogurt, in baking, mashed potatoes and things like that.  The plus on a boat is that it takes up a LOT less space and weighs far less than boxed milk, and also lasts almost forever.  It doesn’t have to be refrigerated, either!

Save space and weight aboard with powdered milk for your baking and cooking -- if you know where to get the good stuff, you'll be surprised at how good it is!The thing is, you can’t find good powdered milk in the “regular” section of the grocery store.  All they have there (in my Walmart, in the baking aisle) is that awful nonfat stuff that has to sit overnight before it will even fully dissolve.  Don’t waste your money on it!

Instead, go over to the “Latin” or “Mexican” foods aisle, shown in the photo at the top of this article.  That’s where you’ll find the good stuff.  Everywhere I’ve ever traveled outside the US, I’ve found great powdered milk.  I have no idea why it’s considered a foreign food here!

Save space and weight aboard with powdered milk for your baking and cooking -- if you know where to get the good stuff, you'll be surprised at how good it is!Nido brand milk is made by Nestle and actually tastes good.  It’s whole milk, though, so is higher in calories.  Depending on your store, there may be more than one variety — in mine, there are two: Nido Kinder and regular Nido (shown at right although the can design does vary some).

Unless you know you have a reason for buying one of the other types, the regular Nido (sometimes called Classico or Fortificado) is the one you want — it is just plain powdered whole milk.  The other varieties sometimes have added fat, prebiotics and/or flavorings.  I know from experience that Nido Kinder will not make good yogurt — it won’t culture properly.

Save space and weight aboard with powdered milk for your baking and cooking -- if you know where to get the good stuff, you'll be surprised at how good it is!Nido is available everywhere in Mexico and Central America (at least, every little tienda that I ever went in had it).  In some towns, we’d find other brands of good powdered milk as well — as with canned meats, it seems that if you’re in an area where there is limited electricity, you’ll have great access to GOOD non-refrigerated foods.

Save space and weight aboard with powdered milk for your baking and cooking -- if you know where to get the good stuff, you'll be surprised at how good it is!If you ever run into the New Zealand powdered milk, it is absolutely fantastic . . . but more like cream in the number of calories!

A big clue for a powdered milk that’s likely to be good is whether it’s “instant” — the ones that “suggest” they sit overnight before serving are the ones to stay away from.

Even if you don’t make your own yogurt, think about using powdered milk in

and anything else you use milk in.  You can save a lot of space and weight.

Friends who take cream in their coffee have told me that a spoonful of Nido is much better than Coffee-Mate, too.  And if you’re ever out of other milk, it’s not bad to drink!

And please — anyone who knows the name of a good brand of powdered milk in other countries (or other areas of the US), PLEASE leave a note in the comments for others who may be headed there!

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  1. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:

    Thanks for the info–a cruiser friend and I were talking about this a couple of days ago-and also the powdered buttermilk. I told her I didn’t remember seeing the powdered buttermilk in Mexico or in Rio Dulce

  2. Carolyn, I took your suggestion and tried Nido. Now I use it for all my cooking and baking. Nido is excellent in any kind of baked goods—just mix it in with the other dry ingredients. For casseroles, I use Nido to make a white sauce rather than using canned “cream of…” soups with additives. But instead of using plain water for the liquid, I use chicken, beef, mushroom or vegetable stock and cut back on additional salt. For potato soup or clam chowder, it can’t be beat.

  3. BTW, I was planning to hit on the powdered buttermilk in another post. The clerks at my grocery store laugh as I’m taking photos of stuff on the shelf!

  4. MaryJo Boyle on Facebook says:

    I’ve used the powdered buttermilk for years and it’s great, but unlike Nido, it does need to be refrigerated.

  5. Thanks for the heads-up on the powdered whole milk! I love milk with my coffee in the morning and have found that the icebox on our boat doesn’t keep things cold. We’ve tried the UHT boxes of milk, but the little ones are super expensive and the big ones contain too much. The powdered milk sounds like the perfect solution.

  6. I’ve notied that within the US, Nido is a bit of a regional product. In the Pacific Northwest, I couldn’t find it in any “regular” grocery stores I looked in. In Utah (not a boating state, but I looked for it anyway) they had it plenty. I haven’t looked in the Chesapeake area yet, but I have the feeling it will be tough to find. My impression is that the quality of the latin aisle at the local grocery store will depend on how many latinos live in your area. Nido is one of those things that only seem to get stocked if there are actually a lot of latinos. If the local megamart doesn’t have it, there is usually a latin grocery store somewhere in every population center.

  7. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:

    Thanks for your help Carolyn. 🙂

  8. Diane Dashevsky says:

    OK – need some help here. I’ve never used powdered milk for baking (or anything else for that matter!). MJB says “just mix it in with the dry ingredients” – that means you DON’T have to reconstitute it before using?? How does that affect the volume of other liquid ingredients? Or am I just being really dense today??? Looking forward to trying this before our big “move aboard” in the fall…thanks in advance for any help.
    @Ben – You probably won’t find Nido on the Eastern Shore, but may have more luck in the Baltimore/DC area.

    • Hi Diane!

      You don’t have to reconstitute it — but you do need to add the water to the other liquid ingredients. Contrary to that yucky stuff we’re all familiar with, it “dissolves” instantly, making it quick and easy to use in recipes!


    • I was wondering the same thing!

  9. tastes the most like real milk

  10. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:

    I am so glad you introduced this to me-it is fantastic-I never use anything else (even when I can!).

  11. We used this almost every day when I lived in Africa but haven’t seen it in the states.

  12. In the Mexican/Latin foods aisle . . . at least that’s where Wal-mart and several other stores I’ve been in keep it, instead of with all the other powdered milk 🙂

  13. What about cupcakes ?

  14. More Joy Everywhere says:

    In Colombia, it’s called “KLIM” – it’s a Nestle product and the packaging is similar to NIDO. My first attempt at yogurt-making was a big success – thank you!

  15. Allan Cobb on Facebook says:

    Nido is “drinkable” if you mix it up and let it sit in the refrigerator over night. It really helps it. (Note the use of quotes around the word drinkable.)

  16. Oh, I’ve used it for drinking and it’s not bad. But boxed milk is much better.

  17. I find the Alpura brand in Mexico and try to support the smaller Mexican company.

  18. I never saw that brand — thanks for the info.

  19. While traveling in Colombia a few years ago, I used to get “Leche en Polvo” made by Colanta. First time I found Powered Milk that I liked.

  20. Yep – its the next best thing to fresh milk !

  21. This is really great to know!

  22. Here in the U.S. I’ve used Milkman brand low fat dry milk, “with the kiss of cream” on the boat for years. It keeps on the boat (even an opened package, that has been rolled up and clipped closed). I use it in baking. I’m in SoCal so may be able to try the Nido.

    I’m convinced the key ingredient is the cream. Yes, we should watch calories – but I don’t think this is the place to do it. In fact, I’m reading a lot more about the evils of sugar, rather than fat, these days.

  23. I found one brand of powdered milk that I can mail order that dissolves easily and tastes very good (I even drink it when on the boat!). It is sold in #10 cans (coffee can size). [link removed at request of company]
    I see now that they have smaller cans of instant milk, but I’m not sure which of their milks is in that can so I can’t vouch for those. The blue label one is the one I like best.
    I have also been using freeze dried and dehydrated products from this company for major provisioning. I like the weight reduction by using dried fruits/vegetables and they taste GREAT! Try the strawberries – they’re awesome!

  24. In Australia it’s Sunshine (also made by Nestle)

  25. Terry Lynn Simmons says:

    I bought some Nido and it really is good! Thanks for the heads up.

  26. In the Canaries look for “La Irlandesa” – powdered whole milk in 1kg packs with instructions for use in both Spanish and English. They also do good butter in salted and unsalted versions

  27. Where do you think I can find this Nido in Ohio?

  28. In Australia all the full fat, instant, dried milks are fine, even the store brands of the two major supermarket chains. They are however fairly pricey. The cost works out to about the same per litre as fresh milk.

  29. I love your pictures.. I hope you can keep doing it even if the store clerks laugh at you for taking pics..
    What I like the most is the way you write YES or NO with arrows… More specific than that you cannot be…

    Thank you!!

    • Thanks! I’m sure people wonder what I’m doing taking photos of powdered milk (at least it’s better now with cell phone cameras!). Can you tell I get frustrated when info isn’t easy to figure out? 🙂

  30. Here in the South Pacific Nestle brand is Sunshine. It comes in cans with plastic lids to reseal. We love it and wish we had it in the USA. I have stocked up on it as some islands don’t carry it.

  31. someone commented that they use milk for coffee only, and their fridge doesn’t keep it cold. cruising friends of ours used to buy a case of tiny creamers that restaurants use.

  32. It tastes so much better than other powdered milk and mixes easily

  33. We add one part powdered milk to one part milk for our coffee, mixing well… As good as having a frother, and seems just as decadent!

  34. Barbara Gray says:

    In Mexico some stores now only stock NIDO in the baby department. Makes it a little more difficult to locate. Unless you have a baby! Love it for cooking, etc.

  35. Milind Tambe says:

    Though not much of yacht traffic in india but Nestle’s ‘everyday’ or amul dairy’s ‘Amulya’ are good options in India.

  36. Live in USA, in the fl. Keys now & they do carry that brand 😉

  37. Also carnation= which is my kids fav.

  38. I was skeptical but tried it based on your advice, Carolyn, and we love it! Has definitely earned a place in our galley.

  39. Sounds interesting.

  40. My grandmother used to add a capful of vanilla extract to powdered milk when I was a kid. Made Amy brand taste better! <3

  41. *any

  42. We found the powered milk in the South Pacific far surpassed anything we had previously experienced. Anchor was our favourite brand but there were others…

  43. Amazon carries it also

  44. Walmart have powdered milk. We now use it exclusively.

  45. Margie Hilburn says:

    Although we don’t have a boat, we tent camp and do bicycle touring. So many of your tips have been helpful for us too. This tip about the Nido pwdr milk has been great! Found ours at our local Wal Mart. So much lighter to carry 🙂

  46. I also was skeptical about powdered milk since for years my only experience was that nasty supermarket non-fat stuff. I can’t even stand the smell of it. I’ve heard great things about the Nido brand, but I’ve discovered the Peak brand is also very good. I order it from Amazon.

  47. Hazel Lewry says:

    I’m going to give the yoghurt a try – but I will not touch Nestle products with a sterilised barge pole. I’ll find a local alternative here in the Dominican Republic.

    • I try to avoid buying anything to do with Nestlé. They own so many different companies. Seems as if they actually control 70% of the brands out there. So I do the best I can not to buy anything from them. Like you, I wouldn’t touch the products with a ten foot pole☺

  48. Just found this post and looked for Nido. I found it in Publix in South Carolina. Definitely going to try it in my coffee this weekend.

  49. I’m originally from Brazil and there Nido is called Ninho. I agree, the regular stuff in North America is awful. “Ninho” on the other hand, I used to eat spoonfuls without adding anything to it (water, sugar…). It’s THAT good! Thanks for sharing this.

  50. This is great info!! Thx

  51. I’m vegan, and wanted to chime in that I was able to find powdered coconut milk on Amazon that is fantastic. So, there are options like this even if you avoid dairy.

  52. Robert Hill says:

    I found NESTLE NIDO Fortificada Dry Milk on the internet. There isn’t any mention of “whole milk”. Do you think that this the same? Thanks.

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