Galley Oven Tips & Tricks

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2012 • all rights reserved

Galley ovens can be, well, tempermental.  While those cruising without an oven are often frustrated by the lack, many with them are still frustrated.

The small size of most galley ovens creates most of the problems — hot spots, pans that don’t fit, relatively large amounts of heat that escapes every time you open that door and more.  Then there’s the whole idea of trying to bake if you’re underway or in a rolly anchorage.

The articles below form a bit of a mini-series to get the most out of your oven if you’re lucky enough to have one — you really can produce great results!

And even if you’re not big on baking, your oven can still be a valuable asset:

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  1. We are building our boat, so have the mixed blessing of designing our own galley. Right now I’m trying to decide on an oven, so would love advice on making that choice, but any and all input is welcome. Thanks!

  2. just think of us who have no oven, and be thankful!

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