Baking on a Boat

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2012 • all rights reserved

Baking on a boat is just a tad different from baking ashore. But that doesn't mean it has to be difficult - this mini-series of articles has plenty of tips!

Baking on a boat is just a tad different from baking ashore.  There’s less space to work.  No electric mixer.  The oven is probably smaller and may have hot spots.  That’s if you have an oven.  Then the boat’s moving.  And so on.

Actually, it’s all easier than you think.  The articles and recipes below will get you started . . . and you might want to check out The Boat Galley Cookbook for more recipes that are easy to make without electric appliances and simple to bake in a boat oven.  You could say they’re all “boat-tested.”


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  1. At least the one thing we never have to do is make cooking adjustments for altitude, since we are always at sea level!

  2. I love to use my bread machine on the boat…. usually just for making the dough but sometimes for baking the bread as well since it’s much cooler than heating up the oven. When making dough, I usually turn the bread machine off once it has done the mixing and kneading so it’s not drawing power for very long. When we are using the generator to keep everything charged up, it’s easy to throw ingredients in and bake a loaf of bread. The bread is usually much nicer than some of the loaves we might get at remote locations, and definitely less expensive. Love those fresh cinnamon buns in the morning too!!

  3. Carolyn Shearlock, I was wondering what Thermal cooker you recommend and how big for 2 people?

    • I have the Saratoga Jack’s and love it. Works well for two people (I have the smaller of the two sizes they make), especially with the two pans for different dishes or just using one for boiling water to have more “hot mass” in the cooker. Saratoga Jack’s Thermal Cooker

      Thermos Nissan also makes a very good one that is vacuum insulated and holds heat a little better in cool climates, but has only one pan. I think the two pans of hot food in the Saratoga Jack’s makes up for the difference in insulation, but you may want to look at it too: Thermos Nissan Thermal Cooker

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