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Want a small pressure sprayer? Say to do dishes, wash off feet or snorkel gear, or rinse veggies? New on the market!Ever wish you had a small water sprayer? Like a tank sprayer, but smaller?

I just got one!

Want a small pressure sprayer? Say to do dishes, wash off feet or snorkel gear, or rinse veggies? New on the market!The Aquabot is a replacement cap for a standard wide mouth water bottle that turns it into a pressure sprayer. Use it with a bottle you already have or get one specially for the Aquabot. Screw it on, pump it a couple of times and then you’ve got a pressure sprayer that can be operated with just one hand.

What’s the advantage over other options?  It uses a lot less water than a faucet or hose, yet has pressure.   Most other “water conserving” options don’t have pressure . . . and some put out so little water as to be virtually useless.

For example, I had read about rinsing dishes with a sprayer bottle (like a Windex bottle) before we began cruising and dutifully bought a spray bottle.  It was a horrible idea, taking forever to get the soap off each dish.  I ended up using a plant watering can, but something with pressure would have been so much better . . . and I probably would have used less water.

The other existing option is a small tank sprayer, typically in a 1-gallon size (sometimes you can find a half gallon size).  They’re also stingy on water and provide pressure, but are large for use in the galley or to take in the dinghy.  And I’m not about to carry something that large on shore excursions!

I can see so many uses on a boat and particularly in the galley:

  • Washing veggies.
  • Rinsing dishes after washing them.
  • Rinsing off hands as you’re cooking.
  • Put out grill flare-ups.
  • Rinsing sand off feet . . . dog feet too!
  • Cleaning off snorkel/dive gear.
  • Quickly rinsing salt off your face or glasses.
  • Rinsing off the cutting board.
  • Cleaning up after cleaning a fish.
  • Cleaning hands on a shore excursion or hike.
  • Lots of boat projects when you’re trying to clean “gunk” out of somewhere inaccessible.
  • And I’m sure kid boats will find even more uses . . .

I’ve been using mine for the past several days and love it. A couple of notes:

  • I have average-sized women’s hands. I find a quart/liter bottle is too large and too heavy for me to use the Aquabot with one-handed for things such as dishes. Using it on a 20-ounce bottle (such as the Nalgene On-the-Fly bottle) is much, much easier for me one-handed. Two-handed, the quart bottle is fine.
  • Using the Aquabot to rinse dishes, I use a little less than half the water I did with a plant watering can — huge!
  • There’s enough pressure in the spray for there to be some “splatter” when rinsing the dishes. I’ve learned to hold the dishes down in the sink while I rinse them instead of over the sink.
  • It’s wonderful for rinsing sand and salt water off feet and sandals after trips to the beach. We used to use the cockpit shower nozzle and this uses a lot less water. I’m not sure how much the shower used, but we use less than a quart for all three of us (and I’d say we use the most on dog Paz).
  • I know it’s going to be great for rinsing off our snorkel gear — can’t wait to do it!
  • It’s perfect for getting the salt water off my SUP paddle — read more about paddle maintenance
  • Lunatec’s site lists several water bottles that they know are compatible with the Aquabot. In addition, my favorite Nalgene All-Terrain bottle works, but since I like that one for drinking, I got a new bottle to go with the Aquabot.

The Aquabot is made by Lunatec Gear, the same company that makes the Scrubr and Trekr wash cloths (and is a sponsor of TBG).

Buy them on Amazon:

Note also that if your Aquabot should break (mine fell when we were waked badly), you can get parts instead of just throwing it away.

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  1. if this is half as good as their scrubr cloths this will be invaluable on the boat!

  2. Could you leave the Nalgene bottle in the sun to get nice and warm and then have a nice shower?

  3. It’s also BPA free and fun to drink from. The trigger has variable flow control so you can release just the right amount of water. There are 3 spray settings: shower, jet and mist.

  4. It’s also BPA free and fun to drink from…your water. Don’t get any wild ideas about margarita fountains.

  5. Great video from the company!

  6. I’ll pass your note on to Jill at Mystic Knotwork, but you can contact them directly to inquire about a discount, too:

  7. Thank you, I sent an email request.

  8. 1. It needs a spray nozzle, not just the squirt. Don’t know if one could be attached or not, since I don’t have one. Great item.
    2. Don’t use it for “stove flareups”. If they’re grease, it will spread the flame. Several people burn their houses down each year doing this. Use baking soda for grease flareups.

  9. Oops- comment above says it already has built-in spray setting. Good.

  10. I just bought the smallest sized one and it fits perfectly in the original cup holders on the boat. Perfect!

  11. I have these too – wonderful for getting salt off the windshield!

  12. Love ours too!

  13. We use it to mist our pup when it’s really hot to cool her off, and rinse feet before tracking dirt into boat.

  14. They seem like a good way to save water. Are they durable in everyone’s experience?

  15. Think I might have to get one!!!

  16. The boat galley this is the most important item we have on board. We could not go,without it. I am ordering another one!

  17. I can see how valuable this bottle could be for the Tiny Houses living off the grid needing to conserve on water as boaters do. Thanks for all the information. I will pass it on to my Tiny House community.

  18. Hi. I’m interested in learning what other bottles it fits on and I’ve tried to find the website (also tried some of the links in the comments above) with no luck. Would you post the link to the page where I can find what other bottles it fits on, Please? I do not want to buy a nalgene bottle. Thank you!

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