10 Great Uses for Media Crema

By Carolyn Shearlock, copyright 2012 . All rights reserved.

After writing about how to make your own sour cream from Media Crema, I’ve had a couple people ask what else it’s good for.  Lots of recipes!

If you’re not familiar with Media Crema, it’s basically half-and-half or light cream that comes in a can (see a picture of the can below).  You’ll find it in the Latin foods aisle of most grocery stores, or in a Mexican grocery.  Of course, in Latin America, you’ll find it in just about every grocery store everywhere — even in fishing villages.

I’ve never seen it in little boxes in US, but that’s often how we bought it in Mexico — and one box or can holds just about 1 cup (it varies slightly by manufacturer).

The great thing is that it lasts 6 months to a year without refrigeration.  Even living ashore, I keep some Media Crema on hand — it’s become a staple.

I used Media Crema in lots of different dishes.  My top 10 favorites where it’s just SO much better than milk:

  1. Make your own sour cream — see my video of how easy it is!
  2. Clam chowder, potato soup and other cream soups
  3. Macaroni and cheese
  4. Make your own Irish Cream (like Bailey’s)
  5. Fettucine Alfredo
  6. Pumpkin pie
  7. Scalloped potatoes/potatoes au gratin
  8. Cream sauces and cheese sauces for pasta and veggies
  9. Quiche
  10. Happy Birthday cake

The only bad side to Media Crema is the fat and calories — yep, unfortunately, it IS just like using cream.  If you’re looking for a lower fat option, use evaporated milk — it also comes in a can and will last nearly forever.  It’s not nearly as thick and rich, though.  And you can’t make sour cream from evaporated milk.

So, have you tried Media Crema?  What are your favorite uses?

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  1. Shawn Passeri says:

    I use the crema for a cucumber dressing. I blend a whole cucumber, 1/2 box of crema, onion, cilantro and 1/2 tsp of chicken stock powder. Blend it all up and add salt and pepper to taste. Makes a great dip, salad dressing and salsa.

  2. This is a new product to me. Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. Nancy Greg Hershman on Facebook says:

    One box or can of Creama Media and one or two tsp (depending on how sour you want it) of vinegar makes the best sour cream.

  4. Yep, that’s my favorite and number one on the top ten list!

  5. Sue Klumb on Facebook says:

    One of my all time favorites is making “boatmeal” (recipe from your Boat Galley Cookbook) and then make a nice swirl with the media crema on the top, sprinkle with a little brown sugar and a lot of cinnamon to finish…oh so yummie…both my husband and I love this on a cool Caribbean night (yes, there is such a thing, hahaha)!

  6. Sounds so good!

  7. Amber Amodei on Facebook says:

    I swear you must have been reading my mind!! I was just looking at this stuff (right next to the powdered milk) in the grocery store & thinking hmmmmm…. now I wonder what I could do with this.

  8. Vicki Melchisedeck on Facebook says:

    Thank you for this. I always feel like I should buy this but had no idea how to use it.

  9. You can also add some powdered sugar to it to make an easy and yummy fruit topping – was stuck at anchor with an empty whipped cream can and tried this instead…worked great!

    • I’m sorry that my photo disturbed you. I was not meaning to actively promote Nestle but rather a general product — Media Crema. There are many brands of Media Crema. Those who object to Nestle can purchase other brands if they so desire.

  10. No need to appologize. No matter what you say, some fringe group will take exception to it.

  11. I’m a H&H coffee drinker/addict, and yes this and a few other products out there are MUSTS (I cannot live without) – Also you can get a condensed (fortified) milk in a can – or Papercarton – not sweetened condensed !! which also will work …

  12. Janice Sterling says:

    Has anyone ever used this to make a sauce for fish tacos?

  13. Hi, I just bought a can of crema yesterday. I am looking for cream for my coffee. I am trying to get away from powdered creamer because of all the bad things in it. I tried it this morn and I don’t think I will like it. It did not give my coffee that rich taste that original coffee mate gives it with just that hint of sweetness. I will sure use it for something though. I am making cream of asparagus soup today and I am sure it will be delish. Thanks, Val

  14. Lesley Suddard says:

    Yesterday I was feeling very verklempt because I had no cream for my coffee, and tried powdered cream but gave up – it didn’t taste that good. Last night I remembered the Media Crema I had bought to try based on information on your website. This morning I am a VERY happy camper with my coffee and the cream I can’t live without. (:0) Thanks, Carolyn!

    Can you please share how to make homemade Irish Cream? That would be an interesting addition to evening coffee. Thanks again!

  15. Isn’t this Spanish for Half and Half?

  16. Nestlé also makes a great powdered milk called Sunshine. Stock up before you sail west from French Polynesia because it becomes had to find. Found it on a limited basis in Fiji, but not on any island between FP and here. I wish we had it in the USA but the American Dairy Council probably has a strong say in that.

  17. We use this one in Colombia as dessert to cover up fruit and or to make banana split.. You need to add a little bit of sugar to get the sweet flavor, but it is not necessary.
    An other use is to add a spoon full of it to your home made ready to eat soups. We do it to our typical soup called Ajiaco. :)

  18. Terry Simmons says:

    I just want to thank you for telling us about Media Crema and Nido. I love them both and have spread the word.

  19. Susie Hare says:

    For people on a low carbohydrate diet or lower carb way of eating, this Media Crema makes a great little dessert. Just put a couple of tablespoons in a small bowl, 1 packet of Splenda, and a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Stir well. It makes a nice little Atkins-Friendly vanilla parfait for when you are in need of a sweet treat !

  20. Arturo Gomez says:

    Just made some homemade Alfredo sauce using the Media Crema (table cream), parmasean,asiago,and romano cheese with a pinch of salt/pepper and it came out great! Very simple and very tasty, my girlfriend is going to be one happy camper when she tries this on her pasta with steaks! :)

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