Selecting Vegetables – Lin Pardey

A guest video (and extra on the new DVD, Cost Control While You Cruise) from circumnavigator Lin Pardey on how to select vegetables at a farmer’s market so they will last the longest. I’ve written a couple of articles about storing fruits and veggies without refrigeration, and the first — and possibly most important — step is selecting the right ones.  With 45 years of cruising without refrigeration, Lin knows far more about this than I do and I’m thrilled that she was willing to share this information.

This is a extra on Lin & Larry Pardey’s new DVD, Cost Control While You Cruise, which Lin gave me “reviewer” access to.  Cruising can cost as much or as little (well, within reason) as you choose.  But that’s the trick — making sure that you’re choosing what you spend money on and getting the most out of what you do spend.  This has been a big topic of the Pardey’s books through the years, as well as many of their popular seminars and now the DVD/downloadable video.

I’ve always found it interesting that most articles I read in cruising mags that deal with a cruising budget always give numbers for what it costs various people to cruise “exclusive of boat expenses.”  On one hand, I get it, as boats vary widely.  But many people don’t read the fine print and don’t realize the numbers they’re looking at are only part of the real expense.  Not only are the boat costs significant, most people (us included) underestimate them.  Seriously underestimate.

So I found it interesting — and a very welcome change — that a great deal of Lin & Larry’s video is devoted to ways to minimize the boat costs without cutting out the fun.  In fact, some of their suggestions won’t just save money but will give you cruising options that you might not have otherwise had.  And while they cruise in a very minimalist style, they’re not advocating that everyone do — but they show that you may not need everything you think you do.

Be sure to check out the full video if you want practical ways to keep costs in check while you cruise!

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  • Mary E Dixon on Facebook
    Posted at 16 July 2012 Reply

    Lkg fwd to seeing the Pardeys at SSCA Gam in Oct at Punta Gorda

  • Nita Haas
    Posted at 02 February 2014 Reply

    Loved her seminars at Strictly Sail Chicago – what a treat.

  • Lupari Sue
    Posted at 03 February 2014 Reply

    Freo markets hardly 3rd world. But they are good.

  • Cat
    Posted at 03 February 2014 Reply

    I found a handy tip that works for celery & lettuce. Wrap them tin foil and keep in the fridge, they keep for up to 2 weeks in great condition. I don’t know if this works out of the fridge, maybe?

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