How to Store Celery

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2013 • all rights reserved

The secret to keeping celery fresh for weeks turned out to be pretty simple, once I learned it.

Yuck.  No one wants to pull out celery and discover that it looks like this.  Long ago, I wrote about how to revive limp celery and shortly afterwards learned how to keep it from getting limp in the first place.

A couple of days ago, when I was writing about my Bluapple, I wanted to link to the trick I’d learned . . . only to discover that while I’d mentioned it a couple of times in passing, I’d never done a post.  Well, time to change that!

Celery gets limp as it loses moisture.  If you store it tightly wrapped in aluminum foil, it doesn’t dehydrate.  I’ve discovered that I have better results if I leave the cut end just barely poking out of the foil — when it’s in the foil, I’ve had problem with moisture accumulating in the foil and the celery rotting.

I’ve tried using a plastic bag instead of foil — seems to me that it would do the same thing — and for some reason it doesn’t work nearly as well.  If I leave the bag open, the celery still dries out and gets limp.  And if I close it up, I get condensation and rot.  In contrast, celery will last three weeks or more in foil.

The secret to keeping celery fresh for weeks turned out to be pretty simple, once I learned it.

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  1. To be stored in the fridge?

  2. Helpful

  3. Do you refrigerate it in the foil, or leave it in cool-ambient temps like we would with onions and potatoes ?

    This is a neat hint !

  4. Carolyn, You are an amazing woman! You just keep searching
    until you get something right. I was just looking at my celery the other
    day wondering what is the best way to store.
    You have been very helpful as we refurbish our boat to get
    ready to circumnavigate the globe.
    I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.

    • Thanks Sylvia! Many of “my” tips come from readers — I try to give credit to them but every so often I lose the information and feel horrible that I’m not giving credit. Where possible, I do try the tricks before writing them up — both to confirm that they work and because it makes my life better, too!

  5. I find this to be true on our s/v Jabiroo II, I also do it with carrots and peppers. Recently I have purchased produce containers from Tupperware and am very impressed with them. I wash my produce then store them in these containers and my romaine and kale is getting 12-14 days with no slimy stuff!

  6. Edie Rosner says:

    I always use aluminum foil to store my veges in the refridgerator. I can keep peppers forever it seems and carrots, as well as others. I dont have good luck with celery in foil so I will definitely try this..thanks for the info.

  7. i used to laugh when my mom would wrap celery in aluminum foil. She has since passed away and I can just hear her saying “see, I’m not a fool,”. Oh her voice resonates in my ears!

  8. If you store it in a ziplock plastic bag, just put a folded paper towel in the bag. The paper towel absorbs the excess moisture and the celery won’t go bad.

  9. Chrystal Henthorne says:

    Works with lettuce in the Fridge….not sure about outside the fridge.

  10. Marie Sultana Robinson check it out!

  11. I cut the bottom off and stick the stalk in a glass of water. It rehydrates it in a couple hours. Might not be the best solution for a boat…but it works if you forgot to do the aluminum foil bit and you do end up with rubbery limo celery.

  12. I’ve been doing this for some time now and I also wrap my lettuce and cheese in foil. It’s surprising how long it will last

  13. Awesome! I didn’t know that! Thanks!

  14. I did this, decided I did not want aluminum touching the food, so put parchment paper inside before you do the aluminum or paper towel. The paper towel has to be changed out though do to it collects moisture and becomes wet. So I switched to parchment paper… It works

  15. Ruki

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