Looking for an easy and VERY space efficient towel rack? A great 5-minute project.

Hanging Towels

My latest project on Barefoot Gal has been to put up some towel racks, both in the galley and head.

I had been hanging my kitchen towels (bar rags, really) on the oven door, but the problem was that there was very little air flow there and the towels wouldn’t dry, they’d just stink.

Problem was, there really wasn’t a good location for hooks or a traditional towel rack.

Our solution was to put two cup hooks in the bottom of a trim piece (if I ever remove them, the holes aren’t visible) and run a piece of shock cord between them.

It’s right above my one counter, and I simply take the towels down when I’m working there (I’m usually using them to wipe up things on the counter, my hands, etc. anyway) and hang them back up when I’m done.

Looking for an easy and VERY space efficient towel rack? A great 5-minute project.

Extremely easy — took about five minutes to do and my towels now actually dry.

Since this had worked so well, I decided to add a couple more towel bars in the head — one for the rag we use to wipe water off the counters and one for Dave’s wash cloth (I prefer the Lunatec Trekr cloths that dry almost instantly — on the same hook with my shower towel — but Dave prefers a terry cloth washrag that takes forever to dry).

Looking for an easy and VERY space efficient towel rack? A great 5-minute project.

These were even easier since there were already attachment points for the shock cord.

Looking for an easy and VERY space efficient towel rack? A great 5-minute project.

A couple days ago, I wrote a post about how we make the loops in the shock cord with hog rings. And for “everyday” shock cord projects like this, we use 1/4″ or occasionally 3/16″ and usually get it from Amazon which has much better prices than the marine stores (any that I’ve bought there has been good quality, but not quite as high as the “marine quality”). We buy it in 50′ rolls and just keep it on hand for various projects.

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  • Court Crosby
    Posted at 14 February 2015 Reply

    I use little towel grabbers in the galley and head. The adhesive doesn’t last, but one small screw holds them well.

  • Carlos R. Escandel
    Posted at 24 July 2016 Reply

    How do you keep it interesting?, don’t know, but you manage to make me want it read it every time. I got some ideas thanks to you .

  • Ann Snider
    Posted at 24 July 2016 Reply

    We do something similar in our head. We have a separate shower and crisscrossed some string in there and hang towels, bathing suits and anything else that needs to be dried. A small fan helps things to dry. 🙂

  • John Folk
    Posted at 28 August 2017 Reply

    Hi there I’m buying supplies for shock cord projects and I’m confused about hog ring sizes – if I’m making a loop in 1/4 inch shock cord (crimping a piece back on itself) do I need 1/4 hog rings or 1/2 hog rings (2x 1/4)? Thanks and see you in Annapolis

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 29 August 2017 Reply

      1/4″ for 1/4″ shock cord — it assumes you’ll have two of the named size.

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