Downloadable Provisioning Spreadsheet

So, you’re heading out on your boat and you know it’s going to be a few weeks or more before you’ll hit another grocery store.  You want to make sure you have all the food you’ll want, but not too much of one thing.  And you already have some food on board, and you don’t want to duplicate it when you go to the supermarket.  What’s a sailor to do?

That’s exactly the situation this provisioning spreadsheet is designed for!

Although I call this a provisioning spreadsheet, it’s really a combination inventory and provisioning spreadsheet.  It is NOT intended to be a recommendation of what you need on any particular trip — that is up to you, what you like to eat, how many people are on board, and how long you’ll be gone.

This spreadsheet will allow you to decide what foods you want, how many units of each you use in an average week, let you inventory how many you already have on hand, and then it will calculate how many you need to buy.  Here’s a quick glance — you can download it at the bottom of this article:
Downloadable .xls inventory and provisioning spreadsheet for cruisers and anyone else wanting groceries for a week or more

It it set up so that you can sort it to print only the items you need, and have those items sorted by category — for example, all the “Baking” items you need will be grouped together so that when you’re in the baking aisle of the store, you’ll know ALL the things to put in the basket.  This makes shopping much more efficient.

This is an Excel .xls spreadsheet — if you have some other spreadsheet program that will read an .xls file, this should also work, but no guarantees.  The formulas are already in the spreadsheet, and there is also a detailed instruction sheet in PDF format — be sure to download both.  You don’t need to be a spreadsheet wizard to use this!

Be sure to actually SAVE these files to your computer or thumb drive — an easy way to do this is to RIGHT click on the link, then click on “Save Link As” and put it in the appropriate place.

Download the Provisioning Spreadsheet (.xls)

Download the Provisioning Spreadsheet Instructions (PDF)

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  • Edward Turner
    Posted at 01 December 2010 Reply

    been cooking for most of my life (40 yrs). learned some great tips in your site – thanks and keep living life to it’s fullest.

  • Steve Bryant
    Posted at 13 November 2011 Reply

    First, I thank you for your blogging ability.

    I am looking at your provisioning spread sheet and I wonder what the “A” thru “D” entries are in columbs “I” thru “L” of row 5? I can read: “Enter amount(s) of item that are already on board” but why would you need B, C, & D entry positions? I will as this same question on your FB page. Thank you again!

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 13 November 2011 Reply

      Steve —

      Many times on a boat, you don’t store all of an item in one spot. For example, I had some flour in a locker right next to a galley counter, some under one settee, some under another and still more under the floor (some spaces were small, but also by splitting it up, if some got ruined it wouldn’t be my whole stock). This way, you can enter amounts each place that you find a particular item . . . or if it’s just in one place, just use one column!

      Hope that clears it up!


  • Michelle Beatty on Facebook
    Posted at 14 May 2013 Reply

    Perfect!! Thanks

  • Marta Crichlow on Facebook
    Posted at 14 May 2013 Reply

    Using it to provision for our trip to the Queen Charlotte Sound islands. It is a great tool! Recommend it!

  • c
    Posted at 15 May 2013 Reply

    now we need a spreadsheet with what clothing and equipment we need on the boat 🙂

    • Danny Covington
      Posted at 27 May 2013 Reply

      I think you can manipulate this one to do that. I haven’t tried but the cells may not be locked.

  • Danny Covington
    Posted at 27 May 2013 Reply

    I can also use this for my End of The World supplies list.

  • Ellen Barrios
    Posted at 15 January 2014 Reply

    Wow, what a fantastic resource! Not sure if my retirement will find me living aboard a boat, an RV or on land, but the vast amount information I have found in your blogs has been quite helpful in planning for my multiple scenarios.

    I’m new to this site and found myself dreaming again–something that I gave up years ago! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and thank you to your readers who share theirs as well! Keep it coming!!

  • Diane Hallaways
    Posted at 06 February 2014 Reply

    I’ve used it on my cruising boat and now on the superyacht where I’m chef. Thank you.

  • Lenka Novoa
    Posted at 06 February 2014 Reply

    It’s a good template too, thanks

  • Ginny Teatro
    Posted at 06 February 2014 Reply

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Mary Brandt
    Posted at 10 March 2015 Reply

    Thank you for your template.

  • Karissa Coffey
    Posted at 10 February 2016 Reply

    Thank you for sharing all your tips! I love following your journey.

  • JP Pedro
    Posted at 10 February 2016 Reply

    Very usefull

  • Trevor
    Posted at 01 July 2016 Reply

    down in Oz we call some of the items different names but great checklist!

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