Ten of my "go-to" meals to prepare ahead of time when we're going to be eating underway.

10 Great Meals When Underway

Several days ago, I discussed the general type of meals that we prefer to eat underway, say on an overnight or multi-day passage. You can read that post here; a quick summary is that I like to prepare one-dish meals ahead of time so that I only have to reheat them when it’s time to eat. We usually eat from mugs or bowls and prefer things that we don’t have to cut up!

Dave and I tend to only eat one “real meal” each day — and we eat that one together — and prefer to snack during our respective watches. That is, snack on good stuff, not junk food snacks. The meals listed here are our favorites for our joint “big” meal of the day.

Here are 10 of our favorite meals underway, with links to recipes if they’re here on TBG, or page numbers/Kindle location numbers for The Boat Galley Cookbook (TBGC).

  • Jambalaya — one of our favorites, but make it less spicy if anyone is prone to seasickness. TBGC has three other versions: pages 184, 320 (made with canned ham) and 183 (veggie); Kindle locations 5821, 10405 and 5807.
  • Chili — again, make it less spicy than usual. I add a little extra flour to make it quite thick and thus easier to eat. TBGC: 169; Kindle location: 5288.
  • Tuxedo Soup — another one that I thicken up with some flour (makes soup stay on the spoon better as the boat moves). TBGC: 168; Kindle location: 5271.
  • Baked Ziti — this is simply lasagna with noodles that are much easier to serve in a bowl. I actually use rotini far more often than ziti, but any medium-size pasta will work. TBGC: page 263; Kindle location: 8498.
  • White Chicken Chili — a slightly different chili but wonderful. TBGC page 180; Kindle location 5683.
  • Goulash/Spanish Rice — the only difference is whether you use pasta or rice as the starch. TBGC: 265; Kindle location: 8572.
  • Taco Soup — thicken it with some flour to make it stick to the spoon better. TBGC page 172; Kindle location: 5401.
  • Chicken a la King — I serve it plain, without rice, when underway. TBGC page 283; Kindle location: 9176.
  • Rice or Pasta Salad — I almost always make a big bowl of this when the weather is going to be hot! Not in TBGC.
  • Julie Dausman
    Posted at 27 June 2014 Reply

    I always make your 5 bean salad before heading out on a passage. It’s great for lunch, makes several portions and I almost always have the ingredients on hand.

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 27 June 2014 Reply

      That’s another good one — in fact I have some in the refrigerator right now!

  • gene koblick
    Posted at 27 June 2014 Reply

    I like to make a large pot of small macaroni, when weather is rough its east to add a can of hash to it,or,pasta sauce or chicken and have a hot filling meal. As I previously wrote I’m not a fan of gimbolled stoves!!!

  • Chris&Janet
    Posted at 27 June 2014 Reply

    Although, some folks don’t care for microwave ovens, this is where they come into their own. On a cold watch, even a little heat in the food can be a big morale boost. It can take as little as 2 minutes to heat a portion to a safe but enjoyable temperature, particularly if the servings have been set out early. For a 750 KW microwave that’s 3 aH a serving.

  • Sheryl Shard SV Distant Shores II
    Posted at 03 July 2014 Reply

    What a very helpful list! I’m going to add these recipes to my “At Sea” collection and share your suggestions with fellow cruisers. Love The Boat Galley Cookbook!

  • Deb Perfitt
    Posted at 04 July 2016 Reply

    We’ve been cruising in mexico for 2 years now. I’m happy to report that your cookbook has been a blessing to have. I have both the hard copy and Kindle version. I find the Kindle version very handy to have on my phone for quick reference when I’m doing the shopping and need to peek at the recipes. The other thing I’d like to mention is that on most boats that I visit have The Boat Galley Cookbook on their bookshelves right next to Nigel’s and Jimmy Cornells. Its destined to be a must have cruising book.

  • Nikki Percival
    Posted at 01 October 2017 Reply

    Adrian Percival

  • Angela Smith Covey
    Posted at 01 October 2017 Reply

    Terah Hall Barrios Just posted today!

  • Angela Smith Covey
    Posted at 01 October 2017 Reply

    Tanya Howe Johnson Cass

  • Richard Taylor
    Posted at 05 October 2017 Reply

    Got her cookbook and recommended equipment aboard right now and have made several of the listed dishes! LOVE Hogfish or Snapper Jumbalaya‼️

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