How To Store Food On A Boat

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2010 • all rights reserved

Food storage is just NOT the same on a boat as on land! Learn how to store everything so it's in great shape when you want it with this round up of useful tips.Food storage is one of the biggest differences between living on a boat and living on shore.  On most boats, whether power or sail, the spaces are configured very differently than on land.  And all boats add the complication of motion.  Even after six years of full-time cruising, I found I was still learning the fine points of food storage on a boat.

In addition to the articles below on storing food, be sure to download my Inventory and Provisioning Spreadsheet — customize it to the foods you eat and how often you eat them!

If you have questions on other aspects of food storage, please leave a note in the comment section below.

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  1. Nic Proctor says:

    Hey there:
    Came by yout articles while looking on google for tips for dishes for my boat (future), thanks for the info, and look forward to more reading of your articles.
    Thanks, Nic

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