Small Corelle Bowls

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I use my little Corelle bowls for so many things, literally from soup to nuts . . . here's why!

I use Corelle’s 6- and 12-ounce “little white bowls” many times a day as sort of all-purpose little bowls.  You’ve probably seen them in fair number of photos here on The Boat Galley.

These are not the bowls that are sold in sets with the plates, but individually.  The 12-ounce bowl (1-1/2 cups, filled right to the brim) is often called a “berry bowl” or “soup/dessert bowl” while the 6-ounce bowl (3/4 cup, again filled to the brim) is usually referred to as a “ramekin.”  I’ve only ever seen them in white.

You can buy the 12-ounce bowls in 4-packs for a comptitive price on Amazon. I’ve only ever found the 6-ounce ones in big-box stores such as Walmart, Target and Kmart.

Okay, but why do I like them so much?

  • The sizes are handy.
  • They are easy to hold.
  • They look nice with almost any other dishes, place mats or tablecloths you’re using.
  • Highly break-resistant (I’ve broken one in 20+ years, but it did shatter (I was shore at the time and it was on a ceramic tile floor).
  • They fit inside my other bowls with room to spare, so I can put an ice pack around it to keep food cold (see photo at right).
  • Microwave and oven safe.

The list of things that I use them for is practically endless:

  • Serving dishes for snacks
  • Cereal bowls
  • Sauce dish (shrimp cocktail sauce, etc.)
  • Small “mixing dish” for salad dressings, gravy thickening and so on
  • Yogurt or fruit bowl — or better yet, yogurt with fruit
  • Dips
  • Small soup bowls
  • Small baking dish — such as for my artichoke dip, shown.
  • I also use them for serving all the “fixings” for tacos, hamburgers and things like that.

The only drawback to them is that they’re not non-slip — you’ll have to either use a non-slip placemat, or use a bit of contact cement or silicone to make the bottom non-skid.

I have two of the smaller size and three of the larger — and occasionally wish I had more!

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  1. We haven’t seen the 6oz size, but we just recently purchased(here in the Cancun Walmart)some of the 24oz sized bowls. I think it’s a new product. They have proved to be quite wonderful for all of the things you’ve mentioned…and more!!
    And that’s a good tip: putting the ice pack between the bowls to keep the contents cool. We will be using that!

    • Carolyn Shearlock says:

      I also have some 24-ouncers, love them for soup (if you fill half full or less it won’t slosh out unless it’s really rough) and also as small baking bowls.


  2. I have all kinds of Corelle plates and bowls that will be moving aboard with us (in November??!!) and I’m glad to hear they are a good choice!

  3. I’ve loved them — very close to non-breakable, yet “real dishes”!

  4. Joy Fredrick on Facebook says:

    I did have one shatter when it dropped on the cabin sole!! First time in 20 years, but it can happen so I learned…..what a mess!

  5. Can’t understand why I have to sign up for your newsletter just to read this article! I’m only browsing casually and don’t need your newsletter. I’m sure it is very informative for most. Thanks.

  6. very hard to brake

  7. Love our Corelle.

  8. I wish they had them with a handle for soup.

  9. I have been given free fruit in my travels. Often all that I can pick, and more than I can use. My greed is such that I carry glass mason jars. Half pints are just right for seldom used chutney and jam. But I also keep some clean ones at hand for mixing fry sauce and vinegarettes. The mason lids keep this stuff from all over the refrigerator.

    On the side: Olive oil will solidify in the freezer, after it’s hardened, if you keep it in the refrigerator, it is a good butter substitute.

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