Shrimp & Artichokes

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2011 • all rights reserved

A wonderful, simple and elegant dinner -- and if you don't have shrimp, substitute chicken or a fish fillet.A wonderful, simple and elegant dinner -- and if you don't have shrimp, substitute chicken or a fish fillet.One of the things I loved when cruising was seeing a shrimp boat come into our anchorage.  We learned to dinghy over and see if they’d sell part of their catch — and were never turned down.  While we loved boiled and steamed shrimp (see my article on preparing it), over time I created several new recipes based on whatever was still on hand.

In January 2007, Cruising World published one of my creations:  Shrimp & Artichokes — although the food editor changed it slightly from the recipe I submitted.  Her version of the recipe is still on their website, although the accompanying story is not.

Below, you can see my version of Shrimp & Artichokes, along with the story of our first “celebration from afar” where we shared a meal with some of our best friends — Jan and David Irons (they’re in the photo, but it’s from a bareboat charter we were on together) — who were over 1400 miles away on their boat.

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  1. This is sooo goin on my Christmas Eve menu.

  2. Now that you mention it, I think the first time I made it was for Christmas Eve — it’s so simple and really elegant! Enjoy! -Carolyn

  3. Moyia Clark on Facebook says:

    I am making this for dinner tonight at my home as a practice for company on our boat!

  4. The Boat Galley on Facebook says:

    Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

  5. Brittany Stephen Meyers on Facebook says:

    “white wine”…mmmmm….thanks for reminding me, it’s 6pm! 😉

  6. We’ve spent all afternoon cleaning the bottom of the dinghy before it gets stored for the winter. I wouldn’t say we neglected it over the summer, just that it was always in use! A quick shower and then I’m ready for the wine, too!

  7. Brittany Stephen Meyers on Facebook says:

    Cheers!! 😉

  8. I’ll be trying this aboard this weekend. Thanks.

  9. Canned artichokes ?? Last time I ate those was above the Arctic Circle working for big oil. That’s like eating PEI mussels farmed in China. Sorry.

  10. Happy fourth to you Boat Galley!!

  11. Cheers Carolyn & Dave Happy July 4! From a Canadian follower

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