Shrimp & Artichokes

One of the things I loved when cruising was seeing a shrimp boat come into our anchorage.  We learned to dinghy over and see if they’d sell part of their catch — and were never turned down.  While we loved boiled and steamed shrimp (see my article on preparing it), over time I created several new recipes based on whatever was still on hand.

A wonderful, simple and elegant dinner -- and if you don't have shrimp, substitute chicken or a fish fillet.Below, you can see my version of Shrimp & Artichokes, along with the story of our first “celebration from afar” where we shared a meal with some of our best friends — Jan and David Irons (they’re in the photo, but it’s from a bareboat charter we were on together) — who were over 1400 miles away on their boat.

Last week, we shared a dinner with our good friends David and Jan Irons. Now, cruisers are known for socializing, but we were 1400 miles apart!

They were anchored off West End, Roatan, Honduras in the Caribbean Sea and we were in the Sea of Cortez, in La Paz, Mexico. But we had the same meal and toasted each other in absentia with a glass of wine.

Back in our pre-cruising days, we were all members of the tiny (10 family) Lake Mattoon Sailing Association in central Illinois, where we raced 18-foot Y-Flyers. We chartered together twice, then they bought Winterlude, a Passport 37. Less than a year later, we bought ¿Qué Tal?, a Tayana 37.

With boats in different seas, we rarely see each other these days, but we stay in touch with e-mail . . . and long-distance dinners!

For my husband Dave’s birthday, Jan and I decided on Shrimp & Artichokes, an easy but elegant meal that we all enjoy.

For 2 people:

2 tablespoons butter or margarine

1/3 pound of shrimp — heads and shells off, deveined

1 can artichokes, drained (not marinated is better, but if marinated is all you can get, they’ll work)


garlic (chopped, powder or salt)

1/2 tablespoon lime juice (can substitute lemon juice)

Sauté the artichoke hearts in the butter over medium-high heat until they just start to get browned. Sprinkle with the pepper and garlic. Toss in the shrimp and lemon juice, give a quick stir and cover for a minute or so. Stir again and re-cover.

Continue stirring and covering until the shrimp are done (about 5 minutes, depending on the size of the shrimp).


I’ve also made this with chicken — cut a chicken breast into 1″ cubes, and sauté them for a few minutes before adding the artichokes, garlic, pepper and lime. When all are golden, serve.

This also works well with a fish filet — here, I sauté the artichokes until they’re just golden, then push them to one side of the skillet (or take them out if the skillet is small) and quickly sauté the fish with the garlic, pepper and lime. Put the fish on the plate then put the artichokes over/around it.

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  • Stephen on Facebook
    Posted at 05 December 2011 Reply

    This is sooo goin on my Christmas Eve menu.

  • on Facebook
    Posted at 05 December 2011 Reply

    Now that you mention it, I think the first time I made it was for Christmas Eve — it’s so simple and really elegant! Enjoy! -Carolyn

  • Moyia Clark on Facebook
    Posted at 25 April 2012 Reply

    I am making this for dinner tonight at my home as a practice for company on our boat!

  • The Boat Galley on Facebook
    Posted at 25 April 2012 Reply

    Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

  • Brittany Stephen Meyers on Facebook
    Posted at 24 October 2012 Reply

    “white wine”…mmmmm….thanks for reminding me, it’s 6pm! 😉

  • The Boat Galley on Facebook
    Posted at 24 October 2012 Reply

    We’ve spent all afternoon cleaning the bottom of the dinghy before it gets stored for the winter. I wouldn’t say we neglected it over the summer, just that it was always in use! A quick shower and then I’m ready for the wine, too!

  • Brittany Stephen Meyers on Facebook
    Posted at 24 October 2012 Reply

    Cheers!! 😉

  • Richard M. Burger
    Posted at 22 May 2014 Reply

    I’ll be trying this aboard this weekend. Thanks.

  • Ron Dionne
    Posted at 04 July 2016 Reply

    Canned artichokes ?? Last time I ate those was above the Arctic Circle working for big oil. That’s like eating PEI mussels farmed in China. Sorry.

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 04 July 2016 Reply

      When we’re in the US, I can get fresh. Anywhere else, it’s canned! Better than no artichokes . . .

  • Candise Ferguson Krakowiak
    Posted at 04 July 2016 Reply

    Happy fourth to you Boat Galley!!

  • Anne Ellingsen
    Posted at 04 July 2016 Reply

    Cheers Carolyn & Dave Happy July 4! From a Canadian follower

  • Ann Wallace
    Posted at 09 August 2017 Reply

    Love your Oatmeal Cake !! Tk u for sharing ! My better half doesn’t like trying anything new so slipped a piece of cake in his lunch. He was hooked.
    His birthday was yesterday and he wanted another Oatmeal Cake. He doesn’t like coconut so I used 2 cups of walnuts in the topping. It is delicious!

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