Medical Issues & Cruising

02 Feb 2018
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Medical issues can really throw a monkey wrench into cruising plans and schedules. A framework for deciding when to continue on and when to stay.

Medical Issues & Cruising

Have you thought about what you’d do if you got seriously ill or had a potential medical issue arise while cruising? Not the immediate see a doctor part of it, but how you’d decide whether to stay where you are or leave as planned?

It’s something we all need to think about before it happens. What factors should we even consider?

Dave and I have faced these questions a few times; here, I offer a framework for making the tough decisions when it comes to health.

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  • Chuck Moore
    Posted at 02 February 2018 Reply

    I enjoyed this podcast on Medical Issues. We are in the RV now and in an area we know reasonably well but were planning on leaving in two days. The kidney stones flared up and they are too big to pass. We gave up the plan to move and to go to our important Hamcation, set up the appointments and expect a few weeks of recovery. One particular segment of the podcast resonated: don’t leave a good medical area to venture into the unknowen – stay put. Thanks for the Boat Galley. sv Inspiration II.

  • Bill DuPont
    Posted at 08 February 2018 Reply

    Another good article on the medical issues. Last Fall we were on the river system . About a week before pulling into Chicago, I managed to injure myself by lifting out 90 pound dog. In the process of lifting, I twisted and my right foot went immediately numb. I knew immediately what I had done. We travel with all kinds of Rv drugs given that we are as old as dirt and have collected all kinds of scripts over the years. Long story short, the drugs didn’t cut the pain and after about two weeks of trying to manage, we put the boat on he hard and went home so I could get medical treatment. In retrospect, I should have sought medical treatment where we were at, but in the heat of the comment when one is in pain and grumpy as a bear, I thought I was making the best decision. Well, now doing better and will get back on the river system this fall. Live and learn.

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