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A great deal on great natural non-toxic products!

Aly, the “brand ambassador” (what a job title!) for Unique Natural Products wrote me a couple of days ago and said that she’d like to offer a special deal to readers of The Boat Galley: $2 off every item purchased directly from them with the coupon code theboatgalley.

There’s no minimum or maximum order size, and the discount is per item, not per order.  The offer is good through December 31, 2013.  Products can be shipped in the US and Canada, but unfortunately not to other countries (they hope to offer more international shipping in the future).

I’ve written about two of their products — Super Digest-It Safe Drain Opener for gray water drains and Marine Digest-It for use in holding tanks and the associated hoses.  Aly sent me samples of several of their products and I passed the Pet Odor and Stain Remover on to our dog groomer, who reports that it works really well.

I love that the products are non-toxic and thus not a problem to kids or pets on board or in any discharge overboard.  But even better is that they work!

CLICK HERE to go to their web site and see all their products — enter the coupon code theboatgalley at checkout for your discount.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this- they normally can be so expensive! Definitely worth the price, though.

  2. Janice Sterling says:

    Hi Carolyn! I started using Marine Digest-it about 2 weeks ago and have been very pleased with the results! I have 2 heads on my boat. The forward head was the smelliest! You couldn’t lay in the v-berth without smelling the tank. The boat is new to us and the previous owners did not use the front head often, but the tank still had waste in it. I put in the appropriate amount and pumped the head out once so far. After pumping I added more and I have had no problems with odors since! I proceeded to the aft head. We had to change the joker valve on that one so we added the Marine Digest-it, let it sit a day or two and pumped it out, rinsed the tank. It was so easy with very little odor or drainage from the tank. I just purchased another bottle! Thanks for the recommendation!

    • So glad to hear it!

    • Hi Janice!

      My name is Aly and I work for Unique Natural Products! Thank you so much for your awesome testimonial! Honestly, it brightens up the office whenever we hear that people are enjoying our products and that they’re having great results! Since you took the time to write an honest testimonial about our product we would like to say thank you by sending you a free Quart of one our products. If you are interested please feel free to email me at aly@uniquemm.com. Once again thank you! And thank you Carolyn for your honest opinions and showcasing our products as well! You both rock!

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