Wine on a Boat

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2012 • all rights reserved

Wine is a little tougher to store and serve than beer when you're on a boat. But it can really add to the romance! Here's what we've learned . . .Used to be, sailors drank grog.  Then it was beer.  Now we’ve learned that wine is better for our health . . . and we’re in favor of health foods, right?

Not that we’re winos, of course.

Now, I have nothing against beer — and it is a little simpler than wine on a boat.  Toss some cans in a cooler with ice, grab one out, pop it open and it’ll fit right in your drink holder.

But there’s something about a glass of wine at sunset . . . or with a nice seafood dinner in the cockpit . . . or while star gazing.  A beer just isn’t the same.

Over the years, we discovered that it wasn’t particularly difficult to keep and serve wine on the boat.  Our major rule:  we don’t consume alcohol while underway (actually, until we’re positive the anchor is well set) nor when bad weather may be headed our way.

Here’s a mini-series of the articles I’ve written that deal with wine (or the lack thereof) on your boat.  If you like to use a “real” wine glass, be sure to check out the Yoebi Wine Glass Holders — the only drink holders I’ve ever seen for stemware.


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  1. Rich Cantwell on Facebook says:

    what about us ginger ale drinkers ?

  2. Andy Gallup says:

    Mix with rum or gin and wedge of lime, observing the Shearlock Major Rule (above).

  3. That’s one of my favorites in hot weather! And easy to store in cans.

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