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A while back I posted an article about how Dave turned one of Que Tal‘s hanging lockers into a storage bin area that made far better use of the space for our purposes.

Okay, you can argue that turning a hanging locker into something better isn’t really a galley topic, but my opinion is that any storage improvement has a domino effect through the boat . . . all the way to the galley!  It sure did that on Que Tal, where improving my clothing storage meant that I was better able to utilize other lockers for galley stuff instead of having to use the space for off-season clothing.

So I was really thrilled when Karla Vialle sent me this note and photos of the finished locker and their boat, Aria:

A while back you posted an article about turning hanging storage into shelf like tub storage. What a great idea! I have long been frustrated by the miss use of a great space and that wrinkles are so much worse in a small closet! So my wonderful husband just finished adding shelves to my closet and opening up storage possibilities elsewhere. Just wanted to share and thank you!



Dave and I were frankly intimidated by the idea of trying to shelve a hanging locker — no one is ever going to mistake either of us for a carpenter!  But after seeing what Karla’s husband did, I think it wouldn’t have been nearly as hard as we imagined.  Yeah, I think we could have done it.

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  • Warren Reinhardt on Facebook
    Posted at 26 April 2013 Reply

    A nice craft.

  • Dan Thomas
    Posted at 26 April 2013 Reply

    On S/V mother Ocean I installed shelves behind the hanging clothes. There was enough space to build two 12″ wide shelves. You just slide the hanging cloths aside to access the shelves. The hull curve is what gives you the space.


  • The Boat Galley on Facebook
    Posted at 26 April 2013 Reply

    Yeah, I think it’s gorgeous. 37′ Crealock by Pacific Seacraft, new 13 years ago (they’re the original owners)

  • Kathryn Oler
    Posted at 15 December 2013 Reply

    Carolyn, we switched out our CMG galley stove for an Origo 6000 alcohol stove. Because the Origo was smaller, my husband Walt had room for a drawer to hold my silverware and sharp kitchen knives. Eventually, he is going to add a removable shelf behind the stovetop. I am so thrilled with this use of some spare inches!

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