A Better Mixing “Spoon”

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2012 • all rights reserved

It's hard to find a good hand-mixing spoon.  This funny-looking implement does a better job than any spoon I've had!One of the first articles I wrote for The Boat Galley was on the need for good hand mixing equipment.  And I lamented trying to find a good mixing spoon for a granddaughter.

Well, Claudia to the rescue!  A few months ago, she suggested using a Danish dough whisk instead of a spoon.  That’s it in the picture — after seeing it, I had to buy one to see what it was like to use.  I love it!!

Despite being called a “whisk,” it’s nothing like the whisks that you’re probably more familiar with.  Yes, it’s made of wire, but it’s a very heavy wire that doesn’t bend or give even with very heavy doughs.

It’s advertised for making bread, and it’s great for that.  But, just as Claudia told me, it’s also wonderful for hand-mixing any sort of dough — cakes, cookies, brownies, coffee cake and so on.  I’ve used it for all of those and it’s now my “go-to” mixing spoon — yes, I usually grab it instead of my great-grandmother’s mixing spoon that I’ve used since I was a child.

It’s extremely sturdy and is less tiring on my arm than a regular spoon when mixing heavy doughs.  It also does a better job of beating in eggs “until light and fluffy” than a spoon.  The only thing that I still prefer a spoon for is creaming butter (or shortening) and sugar, then I switch to using the dough whisk for the rest of the mixing.

It's hard to find a good hand-mixing spoon.  This funny-looking implement does a better job than any spoon I've had!There’s both an 11-inch and a 14-inch dough whisk.  The 11-inch is a FAR better size — I can’t imagine using anything larger with a “normal sized” mixing bowl.  Where I live, they’re not available in local stores but they are available on Amazon (Prime members get free shipping):

The only drawback to the whisk is that it can be a little harder to clean than a stainless steel spoon.  To me, it’s a worthwhile trade-off for the better mixing ability.

For me, this is one tool that earns its space in a tiny kitchen!

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  1. Carolyn, I’ve been using one of these for years and I love it. My experience is that there’s less bread dough that sticks to it than would stick to a spoon. Mine is the 14″ size/

  2. Joyce Campbell says:

    That sounds great I’m new at living on a boat and as you’s all know space. Thanks so much

  3. Once you start searching for this you wonder why we all don’t have one already!

  4. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:

    How cool….I have never seen one before.

  5. Same here — I’m glad Claudia sent me a note about it!

  6. I forgot to mention — I also use my Danish dough whisk to mash potatoes and make guacamole!

  7. I purchased on your recommendation and agree! It is my goal to ‘appliance’ without dragging out the big guns!

  8. MaryJo Boyle on Facebook says:

    I’ve had one of these for several years and I love it!

  9. I love your website and your cookbook! I had never heard of a Danish dough whisk but got one after reading your article. I LOVE THIS TOOL!! I use it for everything I bake now. This is the best baking “spoon” ever. Thank you so much for your website and cookbook!

  10. Beautifull…

  11. For what it’s worth, Tovolo makes an all-stainless version with the whisk set into epoxy. Great reviews on Amazon, and it’s dishwasher safe so no worries about ruining the handle by soaking.

  12. Barb Fonner says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    I think this might be a love letter! My husband and I are new to boating, as in….bought the boat, which is now on the hard in North Saanich, British Columbia, and we are awaiting our first cruising season this spring. In other words, have barely been on the boat yet….but book learning and taking classes as fast as we can. Oh…and did I mention that we will both turn 73 this June? It’s craziness.. But I think you may know a thing or two about that! I am writing to tell you that The Boat Galley has been my absolutely bible since I found your website. If you’ve seen an uptick in your Amazon receipts, it’s probably me selecting many of the things you’ve recommended. We are fast and eager learners about to do conservative cruising on a 55 ft Ocean Alexander in the Gulf Islands of the Salish Sea in B.C. The articles on your website have been so very helpful and I read them on an almost daily basis. I have learned so much and continue to enjoy all this new info! Thank you! Barb Fonner

  13. I think I need this!

  14. I love mine too!

  15. I need one!!

  16. I need one! ! !

  17. Fingers?

  18. I bake a lot of sourdough breads, etc — I love this spoon so much that I gave our big KitchenAid mixer to our son even before the big move in 2017 onto the boat.

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