Reader Elizabeth Aristeguieta tells why she LOVES her Kitchen King Pro Complete Food Preparation Station -- an economical manual food processor and mixer that is perfect on a boat!

Manual Food Processor

This is a guest contribution by Elizabeth Aristeguieta.

Besides being an avid sailor, I also love to cook so I am always looking for gadgets that I can use on a boat that won’t take up much space or  battery life, and that are perfect for use on a moving boat.  The Kitchen King Pro Complete Food Preparation Station ticks off all of the boxes!

This is a manual food processor that has suction cups on its base. With it, you can chop, slice, dice, spin and mix/whip.

The suction cups make this processor perfect for use on your moving boat.  The base simply adheres to the counter top, then you place and lock the bowl in the base and you can mix, whip, spin, or slice away with ease.

Kitchen-King-with-MandolineI have used this to make tapenade, tzatziki and pesto so far and it was so easy to use!  The easy pour spout made it easy to add the olive oil to the pesto and tapenade and because of the suction cup base, I could continue to mix while pouring.  A huge advantage over competing products.  I can’t wait to try and make aioli with this processor.

The eleven (11) piece kit comes with two (2) bowls, one (1) lid with built-in egg separator and handle, two (2) storage lids, one (1) mandoline slicer lid, one (1) suction-cup base, one (1) hand guard, one (1) salad spinner, one (1) tri-blade, one (1) whipping blade, one (1) spoonula, and one (1) manual/recipe booklet.

The entire kit is very affordable. The best part is you do not need to use any power (except arm power) to operate the processor thereby saving the draw on your house batteries.  Plus I love to prep food from the cockpit to enjoy the outdoors and scenery so this is perfect to use from your cockpit table too.  The handle really moves very smoothly and I did not feel any hesitation in the blades while making any of the sauces.  Truly easier than using a winch handle!

For storage, most of the parts fit into the bowls except for the mandoline lid.  So while it’s not perfect, it is pretty close.

I have tried other similar models on charter trips that did not turn as well and did not have the suction cup feature that the Kitchen King Pro has to keep the bowl steady.  That feature alone had me sold even before I used it and determined it was a great product all the way around.

The Kitchen King Pro Complete Food Preparation Station is available from:

  • Amazon US (note from Carolyn: best price at the time I checked) — not available on Amazon Canada or UK

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  • burce
    Posted at 05 August 2013 Reply

    Looks good; but the Amazon site also indicates that people who get it also get the Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper. Do they do different things? If I order one and ship if halfway around the world, should I get both? Thanks.

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 05 August 2013 Reply

      Bruce —

      I’ve asked Elizabeth if she has any experience with the Food Chopper, as I don’t.

      • Carolyn Shearlock
        Posted at 05 August 2013 Reply

        Bruce — Here is Elizabeth’s reply:

        I did not get the VegiChop when I bought the food processor. I personally don’t think it would be a necessary item if you have the processor as the processor can chop and slice too with the mandolin attachment. This is of course my personal opinion, but I would just get the processor.

        Carolyn now: I think that the manual food processor is more versatile, as you can mix and whip with it, and the suction cups on the bottom make it far more practical. Finally, the Food Chopper uses a pull string to spin the chopper. My experience with a pull-string (on a salad spinner) is that they break easily — and there is no alternate way to power the unit.

  • Andrea Dollins
    Posted at 05 August 2013 Reply


  • Elizabeth Aristeguieta
    Posted at 05 August 2013 Reply

    Thank you Carolyn!

  • Marty Crochlow (sv Brigadoon)
    Posted at 21 June 2014 Reply

    I’m looking for a manual coffee grinder. Any recommendations?

  • tami
    Posted at 06 March 2015 Reply

    I have one of these, now, for awhile and absolutely love it. There is another similar item (it’s all white) but it does not work nearly as well as this particular one does. I speak from experience (my white one went to the thrift). I use this on land and boat!

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