Intro to Boat Cooking, Part 2 (BR Podcast 14)

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2016 • all rights reserved

Cooking on a boat just isn't quite the same as cooking ashore. Listen in for tips and tricks to easily cope with some of the biggest differences.

No, you don’t have to learn to cook all over again to cook on a boat. And you can cook all the things you’re used to making. You just need some tips of how to do it safely on a moving platform . . . and that exactly what I talk about in this podcast.

Listen in and learn how to make cooking on a boat easier and safer (part 2 of 2):

Prefer to read? Check out Boat Cooking IS Different.

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  1. Susan Aldrich says:

    I always look forward to reading the BoatGalley every week. I don’t have a boat yet, but I live off the grid in a tent in Sugarloaf Key. A lot of the same things apply to camping. Cooking, water, space. I have a propane camp oven and a grill and a Yeti cooler. Also a shower cabana. We have to lug water and ice everyday. Luckily my boyfriend works at a restaurant across the street. We’ve been doing this for 19 months. We’re masking it work

  2. Not digging the podcasts. Like to refer back to pages. And when I click on READ HERE, I don’t get the script.

    • Sorry you don’t like the podcasts, but really all they are is me reading one of my posts for those who prefer to listen to info. If you look under the podcast “screen”, you’ll see a link saying “Prefer to read? Check out ____” — and you’ll find the same info — virtually word for word. Sometimes a post has been split into two podcasts, which might be why you think you’re not getting the script — but it’s all there, just as a single post.

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