Grilled Garlic Bread

Garlic bread just seems to go with certain meals — spaghetti, lasagna, soups and salads to name a few.  But what if you only want a couple of slices?  Or if you don’t have an oven?

I make grilled garlic bread!  Basically, it’s similar to making a grilled cheese sandwich except just a single slice of bread.

Use about 1 tablespoon of butter or margarine per slice (half on each side) and mix in the spices or brush olive or canola oil on the bread then sprinkle the spice over it.

You can make it with French or Italian bread slices, leftover hamburger, hot dog or hoagie buns or just regular slices of bread.  And if the bread is a little dry, that’s fine!

When I make it with leftover buns, as in the photo at right (those onion buns are wonderful), I only grill one side.

And don’t limit yourself to just garlic bread.  You can also use:

  • Onion powder
  • Dill
  • Italian seasoning
  • A very light sprinkling of Cajun seasoning

or just leave them plain!

Typically, I cut each slice of grilled bread in two or three before serving — sort of making bread sticks.

Grilled Garlic Bread


  • French bread OR Italian bread OR hamburger buns OR hot dog buns OR sub rolls OR slices of bread
  • 1 tablespoon butter OR margarine per slice — OR olive oil or canola oil
  • garlic powder OR onion powder OR ground dill OR Italian seasoning, to taste
  1. Heat dry skillet over medium-high heat while preparing bread.
  2. If using butter or margarine, mix butter and chosen spice in a small cup (if using oil, see instructions in Notes, below).
  3. Spread one side of each slice of bread with the mixture.
  4. When skillet is hot, place as many pieces of bread in the pan as will fit — butter side down.
  5. As they cook, spread more butter and spice on the top side.
  6. When the bottom is nice and golden (as in the photo, similar to a grilled cheese sandwich), flip the bread over.
  7. Cook until the second side is also golden.
  8. Remove from pan.
  9. If desired, cut into two or three pieces to make “bread sticks.”
  10. Repeat if needed until desired amount has been prepared.

If using oil, brush one side of each slice of bread with oil — don’t soak the bread, but make sure it’s covered.

Sprinkle seasonings over the oil, to taste.

Grill as described in the Instructions, substituting oil and seasonings for the butter/spice mix.

If using buns, I often only grill the cut side.

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  • Michelle Beatty on Facebook
    Posted at 04 January 2012 Reply


  • Stephanie Kershaw-Marsh
    Posted at 03 October 2013 Reply

    If you want to make toast for breakfast you don’t even need to use the oil/butter, the bread grills perfectly in a non stick frying pan.

  • Vala
    Posted at 21 November 2013 Reply

    We have a cast iron griddle that we keep exclusivly for making things like tortillas and toast – we love just making the toast by buttering like above and then browning on the griddle – for us worked much better than the camping toaster or doing it dry and then buttering after. Also all that butter keeps the cast iron pan really nice and slick!

  • Judy Hartley Ishmael
    Posted at 01 September 2014 Reply

    What a great idea even for landlubbers!!!!! Thank you! Non

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