Govino Unbreakable Wine Glasses

Different people have different priorities in what they want in a wine glass.  The GoVino glasses work well for some people; others don’t like them at all.

The GoVino glasses are basically a clear plastic cup shaped like a stemless wine glass.  The material is more like a Red Solo Cup than anything else — sort of flexible but not “squishy” like silicone.  They’re not brittle like the typical clear plastic disposable glass.

My feeling is that there are good points and bad points to them — it’s not a clear-cut “oh wow they’re great!” or a “they’re awful!”

The Good:

  • Shatterproof and pretty much unbreakable — in other words, good around bare feet.
  • Shaped like a wine glass.
  • Fit into most drink holders.
  • Thumb indentation is brilliant so the glasses don’t slip from your hand.
  • Store easily.
  • Very lightweight if you’re concerned with weight on the boat. But it also means they’ll blow away in the wind when empty or close to it.
  • Easy to slip into a day pack for a beach party.
  • Not horribly expensive for a set of 4.

The Bad:

  • They’re not really expensive, but they seem expensive for what they are.
  • Start looking “tired” fairly soon, although they are still serviceable.
  • Some people think they feel like you’re still drinking wine out of a Solo cup (I agree with this one, but it doesn’t really bother me)

They are not dishwasher-friendly.  On a boat, it’s not a problem — but if you buy a set for home or a beach house, just be aware that you have to hand wash them as the shape will distort with the heat of a dishwasher.

The bottom line for me on these is that if you realize what you are buying and it’s what you want, you’ll be very happy with them.  The problem is if you think they are going to be more like an acrylic glass or even a “glass” glass.  They’re not.

They’re sold lots of places on the internet although I’ve never seen them in a “brick and mortar” store.  If you have something else you’re getting at Amazon to meet the free shipping threshold (or are a Prime member), they have the best prices:

Have you used the GoVino glasses?  What did you think of them?

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  • Allan Cobb on Facebook
    Posted at 10 April 2013 Reply

    We use these on the boat and are quite happy with them. Another advantage is that they have some “give” so they don’t rattle when packed close together.

  • karen kassel
    Posted at 10 April 2013 Reply

    We have used the GoVino glasses on the boat for several years now and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They get a little cloudy after a season but they are so cheap we just buy fresh ones each season and use the old ones as to-go glasses.

  • Janice Fleischmann
    Posted at 10 April 2013 Reply

    You are quite right about getting tired looking after a short while but I still like them. I have found them in two “store ” locations in Ontario, Canada. One was the make your own wine store that we use in Kitchener and they were quite reasonably priced.

  • Mich Myrick James on Facebook
    Posted at 10 April 2013 Reply

    They are great on the boat and ashore… Love them!

  • Kathryn Weber
    Posted at 16 April 2013 Reply

    We love our GoVino wine glasses & also got the GoVino tequila tasting glasses which conveniently double as champagne flutes. We’ve cracked a couple at the rim while washing though. Defective plastic or too vigorous washing?

  • Jan Murray
    Posted at 13 December 2013 Reply

    I have these on our boat, they’re great. I’ve used and washed them a lot, and they still look great.

  • Judith Pringle
    Posted at 14 December 2013 Reply

    We have been using for 2 years, still shiny after many washes, and they don’t take alot of space.

  • Diann Croudace
    Posted at 23 September 2014 Reply

    I have the Govino Flute glasses and wish to buy the 16oz Wine glasses and the Beer Glasses .I have tried all avenue to have them sent to me in South Africa Cape Town and al I come to is a dead end .Please can someone help.

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 23 September 2014 Reply

      Amazon does do some international shipping, have you tried them?

  • Florian Wolf
    Posted at 09 October 2014 Reply

    We had a quite a variety of Govino ‘glasses’ on our boat, but gave them away, as the main problem with these glasses for us was that they got blown away on deck when empty. We also felt them to be flimsy, but that’s subjective – now we’re using cheap, sturdy, but good-looking glasses from the supermarket, and it works well. Sorry Govino…

  • Laurie Nolan Morton
    Posted at 21 November 2014 Reply

    I just bought a set of these for our boat and you described them perfectly. I was a little surprised at how flimsy they are but like you said there’s good points and bad points. My niece who is a wine connoisseur and doesn’t do any boating suggested I get these as she uses them at home and loves them!

  • Monique Henault Henson
    Posted at 21 November 2014 Reply

    Not dishwasher friendly…. I now have ovoidal wine cups.

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 21 November 2014 Reply

      No definitely not!

      • MB MacDonald
        Posted at 31 December 2015 Reply

        I didn’t realise they were not supposed to be dishwasher friendly! Fortunately, they’re still fine after two years and many washes.

  • Lisa Kyle MacInnis
    Posted at 21 November 2014 Reply

    Just don’t use anything abrasive on them when cleaning as they scratch easily! But I love mine.

  • Lori Steinbrunner
    Posted at 21 November 2014 Reply

    Love them.

  • Lahowind
    Posted at 21 November 2014 Reply

    They’re my very favorite! :))

  • Donna Chiappini
    Posted at 21 November 2014 Reply

    I’ve used these since they first came out. Now easy to order online. They look like crystal but are a thin strong plastic. Do not put in the dishwasher or use anything abrasive. I also have the Champagne flutes. Use at home and on the boat. Love them. They are inexpensive and a nice hostess gift as well.

  • Dave
    Posted at 03 December 2015 Reply

    We were invited aboard one of those superyachts for a local regatta and the svelte, blonde, ponytailed stewards brought out incredibly elegant hors d’oevres and served them to all wherever they were on deck. I was manning the bow watching for other boats just before the start and w quite busy when I was approached and asked if I’d like some. I indicated that I was busy at the moment and my hands were full juggling binoculars, radio and a stopwatch, but maybe later.

    “How about some cold pumpkin soup in a cup then?”

    “Okay, sure, can you put it down somewhere it won’t tip over?”

    She ladled the soup into a GoVino cup and wedged it in among the bow cleats. After the start I sat up on the bow pulpit seat (great view!) and enjoyed the soup… which was DELICIOUS. (I’d expect none other.)

    I kept the cup and when I got home found that my wife had kept her’s too. We like ’em.

  • Amanda Cox Conley
    Posted at 29 December 2015 Reply

    I have a set of these on the boat and LOVE them!!!

  • Rhonda Lane Diskin
    Posted at 29 December 2015 Reply

    We love our Govino glasses! They look classy while being practical.

  • Marc Bodian
    Posted at 29 December 2015 Reply

    Bad point – they are plastic. Considering any alternative would be good be they glass or metal. The convenience of them is undeniable, unfortunately that is also the problem. Environmental concerns should precede convenience.

  • Rodney Lewis
    Posted at 29 December 2015 Reply

    O/T, but I found one of those “Luci” blow-up lights in my stocking. I wouldn’t appreciate it as much if I hadn’t read about them here. TY

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 29 December 2015 Reply

      Oh, you’ll love it!

    • Rhonda Lane Diskin
      Posted at 30 December 2015 Reply

      I bought a set for my Captain’s stocking too after reading about them from here too.

    • Sylvia Wimmenhove McGraw
      Posted at 30 December 2015 Reply

      Two in our stocking as well. Original for hubby and the Aura for me. I absolutely love them!! Great tip on using the original one as a dinghy light.

  • Dianne Mendat
    Posted at 29 December 2015 Reply

    We love ours!

  • Laurie Nolan Morton
    Posted at 29 December 2015 Reply

    Used them as extras for our Thanksgiving and my brother in law thought they were disposable. Found a couple in our recycle bin, thank goodness! Also found some of my grandmothers antique beautiful white linen napkins in the garbage. Just goes to show you how some people think everything is disposable

  • Keith Davie
    Posted at 29 December 2015 Reply

    Just got a set for Christmas. Waiting to try them out until we’re back on the boat though…

  • Cynthia Lyn-Gray Miller
    Posted at 29 December 2015 Reply

    We have a set and they are awesome!

  • Cathleen Speaker Holzknecht
    Posted at 29 December 2015 Reply

    We have them and love them. Just don’t put in dishwasher-even on top rack – they will deform.

  • Lisa Cooper
    Posted at 29 December 2015 Reply

    We have GoVino wine, beer, and champagne glasses and use them all the time. Love them!

  • Diane Mann
    Posted at 30 December 2015 Reply

    Do they get cloudy and used looking fast …. like some brands? I’d like to be able to have them look like glass for more than a couple of weeks

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 30 December 2015 Reply

      Washing in cold water helps keep them from clouding but yes, they’ll cloud in time.

  • MaryBelle MacDonald
    Posted at 30 December 2015 Reply

    Love ours, though do watch that guests don’t wander off with them or throw them away.

  • Dani S Mith
    Posted at 30 December 2015 Reply

    We love our GoVinos! Perfect for boats 🙂

  • Annette Walker
    Posted at 30 December 2015 Reply

    Not happy with mine. I received a set of 4 as a gift several years ago but each either developed a serious vertical crack rim to mid- bulge or melted and deformed in the never strong pacific Northwest sunlight. None clouded up but they were never run thru the dishwasher because they were always on the boat. Meanwhile my old stainless steel wine glasses from a chandlery look like the day I bought them and do not retain any odors.

  • Tammy Swart
    Posted at 30 December 2015 Reply

    I have a set and love them…word of caution, don’t pour hot (almost boiling) water into the sink with these glasses in the dishwater. One of mine melted and now has a convenient pour spout.

  • Rick Garvin
    Posted at 30 December 2015 Reply

    We have them, but they like to blow over when they get close to empty. Hard to stack too. But, better than the alternative.

  • govino
    Posted at 08 January 2016 Reply

    Thank you Boat Gallery for sharing you experience with govino! Hope you can check out our dishwasher safe line!

  • Stacy Marie Adams
    Posted at 10 March 2016 Reply

    I have them on my boat and just love them with the little notch to hold on to the glass too

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 10 March 2016 Reply

      Yes, dropping a glass could be considered alcohol abuse ☺

  • Kelley Martin
    Posted at 10 March 2016 Reply

    These are the best wine glasses for outdoor, I have them on my boat, in my tailgating supplies for Football games, and use them outside at my house. I have also purchased the champagne version.

  • Chris Walker Walden
    Posted at 10 March 2016 Reply

    Yup! And they also have beer glasses!

  • Petra Vandenberg
    Posted at 11 March 2016 Reply

    Coco La Noix lol

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