Geezer Cruising (BR Podcast 21)

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2016 • all rights reserved

Who says cruising is only for young retirees? Older folks -- geezers -- are out here too. How we make it work.

Even amongst retireed cruisers, we’re a bit of a rarity. Dave is 78 — almost 79 — and we’re still actively cruising.

Over 1,100 miles in the Bahamas this past summer and getting ready to go from Florida to the US Virgin Islands (about 1200 miles, mostly island-hopping but with some open ocean passages as well).

Listen in to learn more about how we’re doing it and what we think are the keys to success.

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  1. Awesome title! But, some geezers are younger than others!

  2. My husband (who turned 79 in Oct., 2016) and I (who turned 66 in Sept., 2016) just bought a Cruisers 405. She’s our tenth boat. My mantra is, “Don’t sit down, or you’re done!” We’ll be getting her down to Texas from Kentucky starting next Spring, and can’t wait to get started. Carolyn, you and Dave are an inspiration to us geezers out here!

  3. Charlie Jones says:

    I’ll be 76 in January, and took my 25 footer to Florida and back single hand in 2010. I have decided to route my jib halyard aft and add a down haul. Otherwise still good to go

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