In the summer heat, gazpacho became our favorite lunch — icy cold, full of healthy veggies, and not too heavy.  Even the saltiness — normally we tried to limit our sodium — was good as we needed to replace the electrolytes we were losing through sweat.  (NOTE:  check with your own doctor about the appropriate level of sodium if you’re in a hot climate — some is needed to avoid cramps, but everyone’s medical situation is different and I’m not a doctor.)

Gazpacho also works really well as a take-along snack or lunch on a hot hike — just put it in a good Thermos and it will still be cold hours later.

If frozen yogurt was our favorite hot-weather treat, gazpacho was our favorite meal.  And any time I served it to friends, they agreed that while it was wonderful any time, it was perfect as the temperatures neared 100 degrees.

And so in 2007, I wrote up my recipe and submitted it to Cruising World.  It appeared in the July 2007 issue in the People & Food column.  Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact ingredients called for (see Substitutions Thoughts) — you can make all sorts of variations using almost any vegetable that you’d eat raw, or leftover cooked veggies.  For example, I had half a leftover baked potato that I diced up and added to the gazpacho pictured at the top of this article.  Another good add-in is leftover pico de gallo (basically, a raw salsa) — it’ll add a bit of zing!

Now living ashore in the midwest — where we have plenty of very humid 90+ degree days (and we still rarely use air conditioning) — gazpacho is still a favorite lunch. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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    It’s almost time and I am ready for some warm weather.

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