Company Coleslaw

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2011 • all rights reserved

Not your everyday coleslaw, but still easy to make with readily-available ingredients.  Delicious!Several years before we bought a cruising boat, I remember reading an article that said to learn how to make several different salads from cabbage if you intended to go cruising, as cabbage held up a lot better than lettuce on a boat.  And in 6 years of full-time cruising, I learned the truth of that statement!

One of my favorite cabbage salads was what my mom called “Company Coleslaw,” meaning that it was a little more special than the everyday varieties that were just cabbage (and maybe a little shredded carrot) with either a mayonnaise or vinaigrette dressing.

Few people have ever had it, which makes it great to take to pitch-in dinners where everyone likes to get new ideas for food that works well on the boat.  Well, maybe a few more have tried it now:  in December 2006, Cruising World published my recipe.  It’s just one of the THIRTEEN recipes for cabbage salad that Jan and I have included in The Boat Galley Cookbook.

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  1. Pat Cummins on Facebook says:

    I use this recipe all the time on the boat. Don’t remember where I first saw it, but we love it. Not just for company!

  2. Cherielynne Phillips on Facebook says:

    Going to try this one! I can’t wait for the book to come out!

  3. Allan Cobb on Facebook says:

    The admiral has been having me make chipotle coleslaw for her lately. It’s also great on fish tacos!

  4. Allan Cobb — if you’re willing to share the recipe (and a photo if you have one), send it to me at carolyn (at) theboatgalley (dot) com and I’ll post it on TBG. It sounds fantastic!

  5. Thanks….sounds good too.

  6. Just made a batch. excellent! Did some with peanuts and some with cashews.

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