Boat Refrigeration

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A boat refrigerator just isn’t the same as one in a house.  And most of us have at least a few questions about that large (or not-so-large) pit when we first contemplate cooking on a boat.

If your boat doesn’t have a refrigerator, don’t panic!  I’ve also written a series of articles on cruising without refrigeration.

However, if you do have a refrigerator on your boat — or you’re thinking of adding one — I’ve written several articles dealing with various aspects of boat refrigeration. These deal with organizing it and keeping it running efficiently.

If you’re looking for suggested ways to store particular foods in the refrigerator, check out the articles under Storage.

Got more questions?  Leave a note in the comments below or — better yet — post a note on TBG’s Facebook page and get replies from other readers, too!

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