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Like to use a whisk but trying to find a way to store it in a drawer?  And what about getting it truly clean when washing by hand -- and not wanting to use 5 gallons of water?  This ingenious design solves the problems!

This nifty twist whisk was brought to my attention by Nuno Antares — many thanks, as I hadn’t seen anything like it previously.

I like using a whisk for lots of things, but they’re hard to store in a drawer.  And on a boat, it’s a pain to have a bunch of kitchen implements in a countertop container of some sort that you have to secure before you get underway.

And that’s why this Joseph Joseph 2-in-1 Twist Silicone Whisk is so neat.  Twist the handle one way, and the “wires” lie flat so it’s easy to store in a drawer; twist the other way and it’s a regular whisk.

Two other neat features:

  • The wires are silicone-covered so are safe to use in a non-stick pan; and
  • The whisk comes apart for cleaning.

The cleanability factor is always an important one to me on a boat where you’re washing by hand and trying not to use oodles of water.  I’ve written about this in more detail here and here, but being able to disassemble an item is a HUGE plus in my book.

Okay, the company talks about it being a “scraper” in the flat position.  Yeah, it sort of works that way.  But I much prefer my silicone spoon spatula for that.

If you look at this whisk on Amazon, you’ll see some of the reviews talking about the price being high compared to other places.  Well, that seems to be in the past as Amazon’s price is right in line with the others now — and if you combine with something else to reach the minimum for free shipping (or you’re a Prime member), it’s cheaper.

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  1. I got that also…with my bowls. Joseph Joseph is my new favorite!

  2. Mine is now on the way – thanks! That has always driven me crazy in the galley drawer.

  3. This whisk is worthless, it fell apart, the end of the handle came apart so it all ended up in pieces.

  4. The little yellow end piece does not, stay in, so it does not hold together again.

  5. V nice!

  6. I have a large and a small flat whisk. Made of stainless. No fancy plastic swivels to break (and they work better than a round whisk because you don’t need as much room for the whisking motion, so I don’t need a bigger bowl). (Kuhn-Ricon) As you say, storage is so much easier!!

  7. I bought one, can’t wait to use it!

  8. I have this whisk and love it!

  9. Oooh my Christmas list is getting longer!

  10. I bought his after I saw it on The Boat Galley website. It’s one of my favorite kitchen tools. It is easy to clean and takes up little storage space.

  11. I also purchased this product with the green wire whisk and white base, I pulled it apart to clean and can’t put it back together now. The little coloured twist end just keeps falling off, it won’t stay on. Does anyone know what is happening.



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