A Dishrag That Doesn’t Get Stinky!

By Carolyn Shearlock, copyright 2012 . All rights reserved.

Dishag Never Stinky

Would you do this with the dish rag you’ve been using for the past week?

I didn’t think so.  And I wouldn’t have, either — and then Jessie left a comment on Sour Smelling Dish Rags about this neat “camping” dishrag that just doesn’t stink.  And you can see from the dirt that it’s not fresh from the laundry.  I’m serious, there’s no smell!

It’s called a Scrubr and available online from Amazon:

The company says that it’s made from a “non-absorbent material” — seems like thin spun plastic to me.  In addition to the no stinky quality, I like it as a great dishcloth:

  • It dries really quickly, I’d say under 10 minutes (of course, it’ll depend on temperature and humidity)
  • It has a bit of a “scrubby” texture to it so stuck on food comes off easily, but it’s soft enough to be almost as flexible as a rag.
  • Nifty little elastic loop to hang it up if you want.

This is one of those item that’s not just great on the boat, it’s great in any kitchen.  The only thing to note about it is that it’s not absorbent, so you can’t use it to wipe spills up.  You still need a bar towel or rag for that!

By the way, they also make a washcloth (face and body) that’s similar — not as rough, but also just doesn’t pick up that stink!  (Full disclosure:  the manufacturer, Lunatec, sent me two for evaluation.)  I’ve been using one for the last several weeks and love it.  The texture is soft enough to be comfortable, yet rough enough to remove dead skin (my complaint with microfiber travel wash cloths is that they’re too “silky” to really clean).  Highly recommend them, too (even if they’re not really a galley item)!

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  1. Waterwoman says:

    Hi Carolyn,
    The ten pack is actually a six pack, but the idea sounds great!

    The lock & lock bowls are no longer available at the link provided. I purchased a two pack bowl set with handles from QVC and when I tried the “leak” test (filled with water & turned upside down) they leaked. If they prove to be defective and I get replacements, I’ll give a shout out. I liked the handle idea for transportation, the handle folds flat.


  2. As a guy who really dislikes smelly dish rags, I really appreciate you discovering these and look forward to giving them a spin.

    Thank you!


  3. Can it be true? I hate stinky rags!

  4. Yep — they’re the only rags I use since I’ve found them. They are fantastic — both for being non-stinky AND they work really well!

  5. Bought one for my boat, and one for home. They really are great!

  6. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:

    ‘Gonna’ get me some. :-)

  7. Susan Ross on Facebook says:

    You are doing a great job of educating us Carolyn!

  8. Kate Bird and Patty D Tate — YOU WON! Congrats! — please send a FB message or an email to carolyn (at) theboatgalley (dot) com with your addresses

  9. Kate Bird and Patty D Tate — YOU WON! Congrats! — please send a FB message or an email to carolyn (at) theboatgalley (dot) com with your addresses

  10. Recently ordered a pair on your recommendation. Love the Scrubr! Thanks for the suggestion.

  11. Clay Greene says:

    They are really good for cleaning dishes but they are truly awesome for cleaning nonskid. A little Spray Nine and one of the Scrubrs makes quick work of that deep dirt that gets caught in the crevices of the nonskid on our Catalina 387. Plus they are super durable so one goes a long way.

  12. Cannot live without those things!

  13. They are also good coffee filters if you run out of or use the paper ones:)

    • Hmm, how’d you figure that one out? I’m guessing there’s a good story in there . . .

    • Wish it was a more exciting story. We were staying at a little hotel next to where our boat was on the hard. We had brought our new dish towels with us and when we realized in the wee hours of the am we had no coffee filters well…let’s just say I’m not pleasant with out it:)

  14. They are available on the Charlie’s Charts website, as well as face cloths. http://Www.charliescharts.com

  15. They are must haves.

  16. They work so well, and last a really long time. So glad to have found them.

  17. I got two of the yellow scrubby dishcloths for our boat and love them! My husband used one to clean some rust out of our cast iron pan and it’s now not looking so fresh. Do you know if you can you throw them in the laundry?

  18. We have these on board. Great product.

  19. Per your recommendation I tried these. Love them so much I got some for the house and my Girl Scout troop’s camping gear!

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