Yoebi Wine Glass Holder

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The Yoebi Stemware Holder turns any standard drink holder into a secure holder for your wine glass, martini glass, brandy snifter or other stemware.

When I wrote about wine glasses, I noted that there was a new stemware holder that fit inside a standard drink holder, but I hadn’t seen it yet.  It’s called a Wine Yoebi and Mike Nargi, the inventor, was kind enough to send me a couple so that I could see them.

What can I say? When I saw the Yoebi I loved it!  If you like to drink wine from a traditional wine glass, the Yoebi solves the problem of tipping wine glasses, spilled wine and broken glasses on your boat.  It’s also great for martini glasses, brandy snifters and other stemware.

The two styles of YoebiThe Yoebi comes in two models, shown in the photo:

  • Drink holder insert, shown on the left, fits in any standard 3-1/2″ drink holder (if a regular foam can cozie nicely fits in the drink holder, it’s the right size for the Yoebi).
  • Table mount, the bottom side of which is shown on the right, is the same on top but has “Command” removable adhesive strips on the bottom for easy semi-permanent mounting on a table or counter.  (The top side that holds the wine glass looks the same as the drink holder insert.)

I’ve tried using a number of different wine glasses in the Yoebi, and all fit well.  Mike sells a nice acrylic wine glass (he sent me one of those, too) that’s fairly tall so that wine won’t slosh out.

If you get the table mount style, I’d suggest getting some extra Command strips.  They’re cheap and can be easily removed without damage to the surface,  so you can move the drink holders if you want to.

The Yoebi comes in white, off white and black.  Of course, Amazon is my favorite source:

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  1. sarah machado says:

    I am looking for a gimbal set up to hold a wine bottle, similar to a gimbal gas lamp that one could mount on a wall. we like to leave our bottle open while we drink it! Seen any thing? Other wise, perhaps point to a extra large gimbal gas lamp that we could convert?
    just got our first boat and gettng ready to “remodel” the little galley space, glad I found you! in the market for fridge and stove!

  2. Bill Haas on Facebook says:

    Sounds GREAT!!

  3. I soooo need these!! ha ha

  4. I don’t have any suggestions, Sarah, but if anyone else does, we’re all ears! lol

  5. Jill Glover says:

    My husband and friends call me a big “wine-o”….I am only a common sewer of the stuff. 🙂 But living aboard does have it’s challenges when enjoying a wine. Acrylic is a perfect solution.

  6. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:


  7. Be sure to click on the sign up link and enter: http://a.pgtb.me/ddmB

  8. David Holbourn on Facebook says:

    I’m gutted, not to be able yo enter the giveaway…… Out of interest is the soon to be launched book only available for the US market?

  9. The book will be available in most English-speaking countries and some others too. US,Canada, UK, NZ, Australia, Japan and Germany are all ones I can think of off the top of my head. I know there are others but I’m away from my desk.

  10. Be sure to watch next week for a giveaway where they are set up to ship worldwide. BTW, where are you located?

  11. David Holbourn on Facebook says:

    This years home of the Olympics and Paralympics, good old rain driven UK. 🙂

  12. Lisa Byrd Snyderand Mike Snyder … This is for you guys. Will work in car or boat.

  13. I still need to get one of those wine sippy cups to use when were are running the boat!

  14. Edward Droesch says:

    Saw this on Facebook, courtesy George Takei, http://www.amazon.com/beverage-universal-attached-wheelchairs-walkers/dp/B0062BU3J4/?tag=theboagal0a-20. Don’t have one yet but looks very promising.

  15. Won’t protect stem from breaking…. need stainless steel traditional wine “glass”

    • Haven’t had a problem with stems breaking — but I don’t have super-delicate stems, either. I just don’t like the feel/taste of stainless with wine, but I have plenty of friends who do use stainless wine glasses, so it may be that I’m the weird one!

  16. Jackie Picone

  17. I have a couple of the table-mount ones. I replaced the sticky strips with adhesive Velcro so I can remove them for cleaning. It’s amazing how “crumby” that little area underneath can get!

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