Vino2Go — a sippy cup for wine

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Combining a sippy cup with an unbreakable wine glass, Vino2Go is another great wine glass option for boaters!

It seems like we’re always looking for the perfect wine glass for the boat.  And the Vino2Go glasses are pretty intriguing!

Basically, they’re an acrylic wine glass inside a acrylic tumbler with a sippy cup lid.  They’ll fit in a standard drink holder and hold 6 ounces of wine.  And while not a crystal wine glass, it does look like a wine glass and not a toddler’s cup!

A couple of notes:

  • You have to be careful in putting the lid on and make sure that it’s all the way on — it can leak if you’re not careful.  You can also leave the lid off and simply use it as a wine glass that fits into a standard drink holder.
  • The opening in the lid doesn’t close, so some wine may spill out if you drop the glass or it falls over.  Unlike some toddler cups or coffee mugs, it’s not leakproof, so you can’t toss it in the daypack for a glass of wine at sunset at the end of a hike.
  • That lid is also great for keeping bugs out of your wine.  Don’t laugh — there’s nothing like taking a sip of wine and swallowing a bug!
  • Acrylic won’t break easily, but it is not totally unbreakable.  And it can scratch and mar some with use.  Use reasonable care and you’ll see several years of service in typical boat use.
  • Don’t wash acrylic glasses in hot water — that’s what causes those fine cracks and crazing.
  • Store them with a fuzzy hair tie or two around them, both to keep them from clanking and to keep them from getting scratched.  (Read more about this tip here)
  • While not insulated, these do help with keeping white wine cool (assuming it was cold to begin with . . . )
  • Some reviewers have talked about poor quality or being very brittle and breaking easily, while others have been very satisfied.  I’m not sure if different batches are different quality or simply different perceptions.  I bought a two-pack of these as a gift for a friend (the 2-packs are significantly less expensive than buying individually) and thought that they were reasonably good quality and would last at least as well as other acrylic glasses that I’ve had.  No, they’re not going to be mistaken for fine crystal or last forever.
  • The Vino2Go glasses are available on Amazon and many other places online.  In my search, which I’ll admit wasn’t exhaustive, some of the Amazon vendors had the best prices, particularly on the two-packs.  See all Vino2Go glasses on Amazon.

Reading reviews and comments about these, it’s obvious that some think of these as a “novelty item” or joke for those who are somewhat tipsy and having a problem drinking their wine without spilling it, and some see it as a great invention for all sorts of active outdoors types.  Obviously, boaters are in the second category!

Many thanks to reader Laura Welborn for letting me know about these!

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  1. Hair ties on glasses, I’d never thought of that in a million years!

  2. Koren Herriman says:

    Found these cool glasses on Amazon that reminded me of these – but they are glass with the 8 oz. capacity you were looking for.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your tips and suggestions, thank you!

  3. Tervis now makes a larger one too.

  4. I just received one as a gift. Love it!

  5. Great idea, but wine never seems right in plastic… I pack my glasses well and risk the occasional breakage.

  6. Me too

  7. I love this,I could keep it in the bag with my “depends”.

  8. I use glass too — but these look good for an evening dinghy ride 🙂

  9. How long before you splash??

    • Unfortunately, not sure. We thought we had a small problem with a few tiny patches of peeling bottom paint. Getting into the project, about 50% is peeling easily and more with a little effort, so we’re taking it all off, dewaxing, priming and then we’ll finally paint the bottom. Best guess would be 2 to 3 more weeks.

    • what are you using to peel the paint?

  10. sells a similar one with a lifetime replacement warranty

  11. I’ll drink to that!

  12. I have one I bought at the dollar store! Love it!

  13. Why can’t I read a whole article without being prompted to sign up for the newsletter. I wouldn’t be getting these articles if I wasn’t signed up!

  14. I have found they do NOT fit in our boat cup holders. Yet they do fit in our cooler lid.

  15. These are nice because they are spill-proof (to a point) but they take up plenty of space. I’ve started using the silicone wine glasses and pint glasses. They are wonderful because they are unbreakable, leave no taste, an pretty compact.

  16. I have these, they leak and don’t fit cup holders

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