What To Carry in the Dinghy (BR Podcast 23)

We love to go dinghy exploring! But we always have some basic safety gear with us just in case of a motor or medical problem. Listen in:
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What To Carry in the Dinghy (BR Podcast 23)


When you’re living on a boat away from a dock, the dinghy is your car.

You use it to go back and forth to shore, and also for fun little explorations.

And just as with the big boat, it’s important to have some basic safety and communication gear aboard in case of problems. Listen in for what Dave and I carry on our excursions!

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  • George Attaway
    Posted at 17 December 2016 Reply

    Safety first

  • Petra Vandenberg
    Posted at 18 December 2016 Reply


  • Joysealife.com
    Posted at 18 December 2016 Reply

    Men aren’t as safely conciouncicus as women are. I won’t get in a dingy without a lifejacket and oars. If you go on land or are going to someone else’s boat, turn on your anchor light before you leave and take a flashlight.

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