Stove Top Baking – Breakfast Rolls

My boat is pretty small and we just spend weekends on her. Rather than bake from scratch, I'd like to just take along some refrigerator cinnamon rolls. Could I bake them in the Omnia?

As I’ve been posting articles about baking in the Omnia, the questions have been coming rapid-fire.  And I’ve learned one important thing, which makes sense as I think about it:  lots of people who are interested in the Omnia and baking on the stove top don’t have much galley space and find it easiest to use prepared foods when they’re aboard.

And so I’ve had several inquiries similar to that above, asking about breakfast rolls and refrigerated dinner rolls.  The answer is that they do beautifully in the Omnia and make a great treat.

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Cinnamon rolls in particular are good.  Foods baked in the Omnia don’t get as brown on the top as when baked in a conventional oven (the texture is the same though), but this isn’t noticeable with the frosting swirled over the top.

The “extra large” rolls are actually a little large for the pan, although you can use them and just squeeze them in.  And I’ve learned that the varieties with sugary mixtures that are put into the bottom of the pan (under the rolls) don’t do too well as the rolls are hard to get out of the pan and the sugar mixture tends to burn.  But the regular ones do wonderfully!

To bake any type of rolls, begin by greasing and flouring the pan.  Put the base on the burner over high heat for about 3 minutes as you are placing the rolls into the pan.  Place the lid on the Omnia stove-top oven and put the pan on the base plate.

Leave the burner at high for one minute (I time it) then turn it down to medium and bake for one minute less than the minimum time stated on the package.  The top won’t be particularly brown, but the sides and bottom will be where they are in contact with the pan.

Remove the pan from the base plate and turn the burner off.  Take the rolls out of the pan and place onto a serving plate, then drizzle any frosting over the top.  Enjoy — and make everyone else in the anchorage jealous as they smell the rolls!

One note:  The first time I tried making these, I figured that since they’d bake at 425 degrees in a conventional oven, I should leave the burner at a higher setting than for items that would be baked at 350.  So on my stove, with heat settings from 1 (lowest) to 7 (highest), I turned the first batch down to 5.  Well, the bottoms were blackened.  The next trial, seen above, I turned the burner down to 3-1/2 and they were perfect.  Lesson:  just because they’d bake at a higher temperature in a conventional oven doesn’t mean they need a hotter than normal burner in the Omnia.

And a second note for those with a milk allergy:  I discovered that the Great Value (Walmart house brand) Reduced Fat Cinnamon Rolls have no milk products in them.  Almost every other breakfast roll product that I checked had milk in it.  Of course, check for yourself — products can literally change overnight.

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