Silicone Pan Lids

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2012 • all rights reserved

Missing a pan lid?  Or just don’t like the sound of them clanking in a locker or bin?

Thanks to Behan, aboard Totem, I now know about silicone pan lids!  They’re the perfect answer.  She has one large one that works with all their pans — it hangs over a bit on the smaller pans and just fits on their largest skillet.

Amazon sells several different brands, some in sets of three and some individually.  All that post specs say they are heat resistant to at least 450° F., some as high as 570° F. (nice if you need a lid for making No-Knead Bread). The largest that I find is 12-1/2″ in diameter and only comes as part of a set of three.  Silicone is also easy to wash — always important to me in evaluating a purchase.

Aboard Que Tal, pan lids seemed to be the hardest thing to quiet on passage.  The pans were never a problem — a few pieces of fleece or a dish towel and they were silent.  But the lids would always squirm out of the padding and start making noise again . . . usually about an hour after I’d fallen asleep!

Silicone lids solve the problem so nicely — not only are they quiet, but you can tuck them between the pans to keep them quiet as well.  Win-win!  Thanks, Behan!

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  1. Waterwoman says:

    Good idea! I often thought I would make sleeves for my pan lids out of old towels. One reason I didn’t is the toweling takes up room, these silicone lids look like another answer!


  2. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:

    Very cool!!!

  3. Thanks for the nod, Carolyn! I do love our silicone lid and think it’s a great solution. We just have one size- a big one- and use it on all sizes of pots & pans on Totem.

  4. Hey thanks Carolyn. This really works well for us!

  5. Carolyn,

    You say silicone is easy to clean. That hasn’t been my experience. I go through a lot of water and soap, especially after making bread in silicone loaf pans. What are you doing that I am not?


    • Hi Dave!

      First thing is NOT to use any non-stick or other oil on the pan — that seems to be what causes problems. I generally only need to use the usual dish soap and water, but if something is oily and gets that gunk on the silicone, I find that Krud Kutter does a great job of getting it off, with Awesome a close second. Just spray, wait a minute, and it comes off with just my dish rag or sponge. Oh — don’t use any particularly scratchy scrubbies on silicone as you don’t want to scrath the surface up. Baking soda works well if you need something with a bit of grit (it won’t scratch like cleanser can).

  6. I like my silicone lids that have the openings on the top… looks like petals on a flower. As something is considering boiling over, it goes through the petals and down back in the pot! I love them. You can get them on Amazon (through this website, of course)… the ones I have are made by Kuhn Rikon in red, 12″. They are soft enough to use as cushioning between pans or around our coffee press.

  7. I gave myself second – third degree burns with one of those. Pulling it off a pot of boiling water there is little to grab and the steam burned the skin off my thumb. (ER visit type of burn)

  8. you know I’m a fan!

  9. Got them . they are excellent

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