Where Should I Put What? (BR Podcast 47)

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Organizing everything on your boat can seem like a never-ending task. Some tips, as well as why I think it happens.
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Where Should I Put What? (BR Podcast 47)

How many times do I have to rearrange things before I get it “right”? Why isn’t it obvious where things should go?

And why is it that what seemed like such a good idea last month isn’t working now?

These and so many more questions play out as we try to stow everything on a boat. For my thoughts and tips, listen in.

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  • Scott Sweeney
    Posted at 09 September 2017 Reply

    Hey Carolyn! I can only imagine what you’re going through, not knowing if your boat will survive, but do you still plan on going to the Annapolis Boat Show?

  • Andrea Crane
    Posted at 09 September 2017 Reply

    Thank you for taking time, stay safe and thoughts with you all.

  • Scott Beachbum
    Posted at 09 September 2017 Reply

    If your an Archer fan you can see the funny in this…

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