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Tips on provisioning in general and specific foods that work well on a boat.

The foods you like and the way you use your boat (full-time liveaboard vs. occasional overnights, for example) will determine many of your provisioning choices.  I’ve written quite a few articles that deal with provisioning — both in general and with regard to specific products that I like.  Some may apply to your situation, others may not.

Provisioning in General

Notes on Specific Provisions

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  1. Christine Warren on Facebook says:

    We currently have a 26ft cabin cruiser and cruise up and down the ICW for 3 to 5 day trips….I love reading your posts! Someday we hope to transition into a sailboat and travel the world like you!

  2. Twice I’ve helped friends move their boats, going up and down the ICW. Both times, we had deadlines — I’d love to just take it slowly and explore more — sounds great! Glad you enjoy TBG!

  3. John Mayton says:

    I’m an older, 67, single male with a 37 foot ketch, planning on heading south next Fall. I have diabetes and foods like rice and potatoes are rarely helpful. Do you have any suggestions for provisioning with my dietary restrictions in mind.

  4. Thank you – I think I’ll find answers to most of my questions here. So glad you took the time to document this.

  5. Glad you find it helpful Charity!

  6. I’m putting together my personal sailboat blog – would you mind if I put a link and photo of this on my site? It’s in production, not done yet.

  7. Of course you can use the photo and a link . . . but thanks for asking. I’m glad you like it.

  8. I have searched a number of times for info on provisioning and found very few resources. I will be ordering your book and love your blog/website. A couple times in my life I considered trying to be the cook on a sailboat or tall ship. Love to cook and love to sail

  9. Love love this website. We provision boats in the Bahamas and have had a few people provide me with your very own downloadable list. We love it – or chefs/stews can go on the website at to order for delivery to all marinas in the Bahamas. We hope to see some of you soon!

  10. Thanks for the tip for a goodie box for crew to help themselves! So helpful for a quick snack! Keep up the good work!

  11. This one is gonna take some time!

  12. If you buy canned food , my suggestion is – don’t buy American (USA) or Canadian products neither Holland ones. They are unhealthy , a lot of chemicals and simply – not tasty. The best canned food – Eastern Europe , Germany , Scandinavia – from my experience. I still wonder , on the big sailboats 50-footers and up , why designers don’t do cold-rooms ( temp . 2-5 *C / – 16 F , for food storage … ?

  13. I was just thinking about that today looking at the fridge and cupboards so much work lol and I hate can goods

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