A Mixing Set to Save Precious Galley Space

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Nest together your mixing bowls, strainer, colander AND measuring cups with this set that measures just under 9" x 9" x 4-1/2"

I’ve pointed out a few mixing bowl sets, collapsible bowls, measuring cups and so on that I’ve liked in the past.  Different people are looking for different things and there is no “one best” solution for every boat.

Here’s one more that combines all your bowl-type things into one nice neat package — great on a boat where space is at such a premium.  And one thing that I really like is that you can get it as anywhere from a 5-piece set to a 9-piece set to suit your needs.

Thanks to reader Hilary Helkenn for letting me know about this set from JosephJoseph.  Hilary had first seen these bowls as one of those “you might also like” items on Amazon when she was buying the non-stink dish rags that I love.  But, in her words,

The reviews were iffy, some readers complaining about the quality. So I didn’t order them then, but found them shopping and couldn’t resist. While they ARE plastic, the thickness of plastic is actually very nice. I am THRILLED with them. The largest bowl is big enough for cookies or bread, but still reasonable to store. And let’s face it…they are just cheerful and happy and fun!

The full set of nine, shown, includes both a stainless strainer and a colander, as well as a small and large mixing bowl and five measuring cups.  The bowls have non-slip bottoms and all the pieces “snap” together for storage.  The large bowl diameter is just under 9″ and the whole set is about 4-1/2″ high.

Buy these from:

  • Amazon, which has sets from 5 pieces (measuring cups only) to 9 pieces.  Interestingly, when I looked at them, the 8-piece set cost more than the 9-piece.  There are several offers that include free shipping in the US.
  • JosephJoseph web site has 7- and 9-piece sets.  No free shipping unless you buy some other things to total over $75 (in the US) and the prices are slightly higher than on Amazon.

It also comes in a stainless set — the bowls, sieve and colander, not the measuring cups — for about double the price.  This is available only on the JosephJoseph web site.

A year ago, when I was equipping Barefoot Gal‘s galley, I bought the 9-piece set and have been generally pleased with it. If I had it to do over again, I’d opt for the 7-piece set as I’d prefer a medium bowl to the large one, and I don’t use the sieve and colander since I have a Kuhn-Rikon Multi-Pot (the strainer in the lid is genius).

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  1. Too cute!

  2. I want!

  3. Nice

  4. I bought this at Macy’s last year. Like how little space it takes up, and I have everything I need for cooking and baking.

  5. Hey I have this, Cindy – reminds me of Richard Simmons and his 70s cooking show.

  6. OMG! I used to watch Richard Simmons cook!

  7. Janice Sterling says:

    I was just checking out the Joseph joseph items on Amazon and found this: Joseph Joseph 3-in-1 Design Rotary Peeler, Green. Pretty awesome!

  8. I have got them! They are great – non slip bottom, nice bright colour, and a great use of space. I want their utensils now too!

  9. Get the multi purpose spatula spoon. It is
    Great. I love the bowls. I also got the nonskid screw together bowls
    We love them too.

  10. … And the collapsible drainer – holds stacks and folds slim

  11. I have been using them for 4 months now. Love them! except the measuring cups, not a fan of them for some reason

    • I problem I had with the very cool-looking measuring cup set was that I couldn’t get an accurate measure of dry ingredients by swiping the flat side of a table knife across the top to level off the flour. Because of the nesting feature, the design of the cup itself includes a divit-like indentation within the rim of the cup (the divit receives the cup that nests within the cup you’re using.) However, because the “line” that tells you exactly where “1 cup of flour” is lies below the divit, it’s impossible to just swipe a knife across the top of the cup to level off the contents. Doing that would measure out more flour than 1 cup.

      I discovered this in the set I had a couple of years ago, so it could be that a design change has corrected the issue by now. Anyone with a new set…do the measuring cups still work that way, or is it possible to get an accurate measure of dry ingredients by swiping a knife blade across the top of the measuring cup to level off excess dry ingredients?

  12. A good set of nesting bowls are KEY. They are total workhorses in our galley. Unfortunately… ours are near end of life! These look great. I’ve always loved these: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/melamine-bowls-win-2014/

  13. I bought one of these sets for Rapture. So practical!!Love it! Rapture is sold, but keeping the set for my next s/v!!

  14. When years ago my mother in law bought me that set, I laught cause I had already so many tools in my kitchen I really didn’t need more. When we bought Four Winds it went straight in the box for the galley and it is really great to have it onboard.

  15. I have these bowls on my boat and love them! It’s a great space saver!

  16. Now go get yourself a set of stainless nesting pots from magma http://www.magmaproducts.com/Products/Cookware/A10-360L/a10-360l.html
    From one boater to another that appreciates space.

  17. I got a knock off set of these from Ross for $12.99. The quality is what you would expect, but i still love them!

  18. I have this JosephJoseph set and I LOVE it!!! So compact and it has one of everything I need.

  19. Have these & love them too 🙂

  20. I need these. Putting it on my list

  21. I use this set in my galley. It saves a ton of space and I use at least some part of the set daily. Love it. 2 thumbs up!!!

  22. I have these and love them! I also love their twist whisk and nesting utensils!!

  23. I have a lot of their stuff and love it. Love all of the bright happy colors! With my magna pots and their things, that’s all I need!

  24. Love my set!!! I have gotten the best information from TBG!!! Thank you for all your great ideas!!!

  25. I wish i would have had these when i was cook on tallships <3

  26. I love these. I found my set at Marshall’s or TJMaxx at a great price

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