Kuhn-Rikon 4th Burner Multi-Pot

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The Multi-Pot isn't going to replace a skillet or saucepan on your boat. But if you have room for just one more pan, this would be a great choice.

The Kuhn-Rikon 4th Burner Multi-Pot isn’t going to replace a skillet or saucepan on your boat.  But if you have room for just one more pan — maybe instead of a tea kettle (although it doesn’t whistle) — this would be a great choice.

A reader sent me a note highly recommending it and a couple months later I bought one for myself and I love it — I use it several times a day!

Claudia said:

I leave it on my stove top all the time, and use it to boil water, cook pasta (it’s tall enough for spaghetti!), boil eggs, heat soup, make oatmeal, do small-scale canning, steam vegetables, and, and, and.  It’s about 3 litres/quarts, so it holds a fair bit.  The pouring spout and the lid with straining holes are pure genius.  Whoever designed this pot clearly loves to cook, because it’s an absolute joy to use.

I agree wholeheartedly. And yes, mine sits on the stove all the time (well, when underway I put it in the sink). My stove is tiny and the multi-pot fits perfectly.

A little more about it:

  • It’s actually 3-1/2 quarts, or just under a gallon
  • Made of 18/10 stainless — the most resistent to rusting and pitting (read more about stainless grades)
  • Steamer basket
  • Silicone coverings on the pan and lid handle, keeping them cool (but still use a pot holder . . .)
  • Glass top, so you can see what’s happening in the pan.  I like glass tops for conserving propane — I don’t have to remove the lid and let heat out, and I’ve never had one break
  • There are fill marks on the inside to ease measuring — I use these all the time to avoid wasting water or heating more than I need
  • Pour spout on the pan
  • Strainer holes on the lid eliminates the need for a colander or strainer — fewer items to wash!  The lid turns when cooking so that steam is not escaping . . . unless you want it to!
  • As I’m writing this, there are 26 customer reviews on Amazon — 23 give it 5 stars and 3 gave it 4 stars.  I almost NEVER find a product where at least one person (usually more) hasn’t given a one-star rating.

The Multi-Pot isn't going to replace a skillet or saucepan on your boat. But if you have room for just one more pan, this would be a great choice.It’s shaped more like a pitcher than a typical saucepan, being about 5-1/2 inches diameter and 7-1/2 inches tall.  If your galley stove is tiny, it will probably fit alongside another pot on the neighboring burner. As our new boat has a tiny stove, this is becoming more and more important to me!

However, the fact that it’s taller than wide means that it’s tippier than many other pans.  You’ll need to be rigorous about using pot restraints with it so that it doesn’t fall over and send scalding ingredients flying (I always use them on any pan as a basic safety measure!).

Also, the steamer basket has fairly large holes in it — good for steaming veggies or boiling eggs and just lifting the basket out.  But the holes are too large for being able to cook pasta in the basket and lift it out.  Instead, just cook the pasta in the pan and use the stainer lid to drain it.

See it here:

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  1. Debbie Carroll on Facebook says:

    We have this pot also, love it. We use a timer to take the place of the whistle on a tea pot. Also leave it out all the time.

  2. Oh my…ordering one right now!!

  3. Very cool — will it steam 4 ears of corn on the cob?

  4. Jan Irons — The answer is a resounding YES — and just standing them up without the insert, I could have easily gotten 5 and maybe 6 (didn’t have any more in the house to actually try). Photo coming in a sec!

    • Kathy quinn says:

      How long do you cook the corn?

      • Here’s how I do it: Bring enough salted water to cover the corn to a boil (without the corn in the pan), then add the corn upright and cover. Bring back to a boil over high heat and start timing when water starts boiling again. Two to three minutes depending on how young and tender corn is. Drain water and remove corn using tongs. Serve.

  5. Joanne Smith on Facebook says:

    I bought one about a month ago on your recomendation for my Husband who is the cook in our galley. He Loves it and he is pickey about which pans we have on board! Steams corn to perfection.

  6. Charlotte says:

    How does water boiled for tea taste after everything else that has been cooked in it, such as soup, pasta, etc?

  7. It’s stainless, which doesn’t pick up taste . . . unless you don’t wash it thoroughly. I haven’t noticed any sort of taste.

  8. I have had this pot for about six months, but haven’t used it yet. Inspiration to try it out!

    Virtual hugs,


  9. I have two of them now, they are so awesome! 🙂

  10. Bought one and love it !

  11. Kathy quinn says:

    I haven’t used it yet but I wish it would of come with better instructions . I heard you can cook corn in the cob on it but it doesn’t tell you how long to cook it. Does anyone know how to cork corn

  12. Kathy — You can do it with or without the steamer insert; same method either way. Here’s a photo of how the corn fits in the insert:


  13. Have had this pot for years and love it.

  14. We love ours!

  15. Just ordered one; we’ll see what happens! It looks like it’ll steam a lobster or enough mussels for one person

  16. I just bought a similar pot for my boat and I love it! Great for cooking pasta or vegetables and allows me to use my other 2 burners on my 3-burner stove!

  17. I have two of these now, love them!

  18. We don’t boat, but nearly all of these articles can apply for the camper as well. So nice to read all of the FB articles.

  19. Totally agreed. Got one of them soon after one of your readers recommended one. We steam mussels, pull the strainer out with them, then melt butter and garlic for them. Easy to cook, easy to clean.

  20. I have one its great but can be top heavy needs support underway on its own so more risk accident

  21. Just ordered one and can’t wait….think it would be perfect for so many things!

  22. Linda H says:

    Just received and can’t wait to use. Can anyone share with me how they hard boil eggs? Don’t want to under or overcook.

  23. Love, love, love mine! Thanks for the recommendation!!!

  24. I bought this pot for our Gemini 5 years ago when I needed a way to sterilize baby bottles on board! Now I use it for everything….steaming veggies, as a kettle just to name a few. It is truly multiuse and perfect size for the boat.

  25. My favorite pot on board. My kettle, pasta pot, veggie steamer to name a few.

  26. Great multi use pot.

  27. Love ours! Works great with the two burner stove when I’m also using a frying pan.

  28. Just got ours today

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