Need Extra Hands?

I’ve always joked about wanting an extra set of hands to hold bags open while I put stuff in them.  And the problem is even worse on the boat, as I store more stuff in plastic bags to save room in the refrigerator, Dave is often doing something else, and the slightest little motion of the boat will tip over the bag that I stood up on the counter.  Of course, dog Paz loves the spillage potential.

Longtime reader Diane Dashevsky to the rescue!  On my post of Gift Ideas Under $10, she left a note with her favorite galley gadget — an extra set of hands that costs just $6.  “Works like a charm…one of the coolest things I’ve gotten for the galley!” she told me.

I don’t have one (yet — it’s on my wish list), so I can’t personally vouch for the Jokari Bag Holder but everything else that Diane has suggested has been great, so I’m going to take her word on it.  One nice feature is that it folds flat for storage.

From reading the reviews, it definitely works best with Ziploc-type bags as opposed to ones without a “ridge” at the top and it also is best with quart or gallon size bags.  And note that you can’t just dump stuff in any old way — you do still have to be at least a little careful so you don’t pull the bag out of the hands.  But it makes the job a lot easier than just trying to stand a bag upright and pour something in without any assistance!

The arm length is adjustable, but you do have to be somewhat gentle in making adjustments so as not to strip the plastic. Rubber around the bottom makes it non-slip on the counter (always a HUGE factor on a boat).

Overall, this looks like a neat little gadget to me, particularly if you use as many storage bags as I do — and don’t always have someone else available to hold the bag open!

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  • Judie Ashford
    Posted at 10 December 2012 Reply

    I keep a lot of things in heavy plastic bags in our motorhome, and even at home I find that an extra pair of hands is busy doing something else. So I put the plastic bag into a one-quart or two-quart bowl. Bonus if I can fold the top of the bag over the rim of the bowl. I usually use a regular food storage bag (without a zip top) to directly hold the food, and then put that into the more expensive heavy-duty plastic bag. Saves washing the heavy one, which saves water! The double bagging system also seems to keep food fresher just a bit longer, especially if you can press the air out of the inner bag around the food. This is especially efficacious with unsauced pasta leftovers, which are pure gold for making another meal very quickly and easily. Think eggs, cheese, leftover veggies!!

  • Sara Peterson
    Posted at 10 December 2012 Reply

    I just picked one up at Publix near the ziplocks. It was $4.99 and it works like a charm as advertised. For $4.99 I couldn’t pass it up. : )

  • Christine Barber
    Posted at 08 October 2014 Reply

    Cool tool! I am usually forced to use what I have on hand, so I put my zip lock bag in a canning jar talked with a canning funnel… works like a charm!

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