Learning to Use a New Boat (BR Podcast 6)

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2016 • all rights reserved

Learning the systems on a new-to-you boat is a daunting task. Make it less overwhelming and easier to remember with these tips.

There is so much to learn about a new boat! Not just how she sails and/or motors — and how to start the engine, check the oil, deploy the anchor and so on — but all the other systems as well.

Where do the water lines run? Where are the thru-hulls? Where are the bilge pumps? How are they wired? How do I turn them on?

The list goes on and on. It’s stuff you really need to know, but how do you learn it without going nuts?

My husband, who had worked in heavy industy and oversaw the installation of several new systems, had a great idea. Listen in to learn how we did it:

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  1. Definitely worth figuring out your boat. We thought we knew everything until we found out the hard way our port engine fuel supply line was modified not to draw from the aux tank. Also, spare parts are good to have on board. Just today we noticed the generator sounding a little loud and no water discharging… Sure enough we replaced the impeller while out on the hook and we are back in business enjoying our vacation. Good thing we had the spare impeller on us otherwise the trip would have been cut short.

  2. Love the idea of labeling everything so everyone on the boat knows exactly what’s going on

  3. Les Griffith says:

    I own a Caliber 40 LRC and the MCCreary’s did a fine job of labeling the hoses throughout the boat when they built the boat. Every manufacture should follow this practice. I am currently labeling select cables.

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