Looking for an environmentally-friendly and wonderful body scrub? Have I got one for you -- and it's made right in the Florida Keys!

The Keys Salt Scrub

I’ve written before about not fouling the waters with skin care products, particularly those containing microbeads (tiny bits of plastic in many exfoliants). And I gave a couple of ways to make your own environmentally-friendly exfoliants.

So what if you don’t really want to make your own? Or you want something “luxurious?”

I discovered The Keys Salt Scrub a couple of years ago and absolutely love it. It’s coarse sea salt in a base of essential oils (they claim to be less oily than other salt scrubs). It’s a body scrub, not a facial one, and gets all that dry flaky skin off while softening hands, feet and legs.

Living more or less outdoors on the boat is rough on my skin, I know.  Maybe age plays a part, too. Wearing shorts and t-shirts (or a bathing suit!) most of the time, I don’t want to be covered in white scales.

My beauty routine is pretty minimal on the boat, and this is my one bit of luxury. Well, I call it a luxury but as skin care products go, it’s not expensive. And I don’t feel bad about it going down the drain, either ashore or on the boat. In fact, I think it’s probably more environmentally friendly than the oatmeal scrub I used to make for myself.

One important note: yes, this contains oil. Oil is slippery. Watch out where you use it on the boat or even in the shower.

P.S. It’s not just for women. Guys like it too. Many of the local fishing fleet (men and women) swear it’s the best thing for removing “fish smell” from their hands.

You can buy The Keys Salt Scrub in tons of places in the Keys — many restaurants and gift shops carry it. Recently, I discovered it’s also for sale on Amazon when I wanted to send some to my sister-in-law for her birthday. My favorite scent is coconut.

Purchases, whether made in the Keys or through Amazon, help support the Keys economy (devastated by Hurricane Irma) as the company is based in the Keys and the scrub is made here.

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  • Jennifer
    Posted at 05 December 2017 Reply

    I love the feel of these types of scrubs on my body, but since living aboard my husband says oils can cause clogging of pipes, so I’ve been avoiding such products and wiping out everything after cooking before washing. Any thoughts? I love that this scrub is only coconut oil based and uses essential oils. Am I being too paranoid about what he said?

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 05 December 2017 Reply

      I have not had a problem, I think for a couple of reasons: first, the oil is a liquid at room temperature so it doesn’t tend to solidify in the drains; and second, I pour boiling water down all our drains about once a month (draining pasta is good for this!) which really helps keep things flowing. Read more: Keep Drains Working

  • Jenn
    Posted at 07 December 2017 Reply

    I just saw this product in our local state park gift shop. Smells and feels very nice!

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