Immersion Blenders

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Reader recommendations for immersion blenders that work well on a boat and the many ways they use them.

I got a question from a reader today about immersion blenders — but I’ve never used one so I’m looking for others to help with some recommendations.

Christina had two questions:

  • Corded or cordless?
  • Any particular brands or models that you like . . . or hate?

Please leave a note in the comments!

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  1. I use a corded Braun at home, not very often but when I need it it’s a godsend – terrific for blending soups while they’re in the pot. Most of what I do in the galley either doesn’t require blending – I don’t try to do smooth soups onboard – or can be done in a blender which I find more versatile. If I don’t have shore power, my blending gets done with a potato masher or a whisk 🙂

  2. We used a ninja, the small one with the motor that mounts on top and the blades drop down into the container. I think it has a 450 watt motor but you only have to pulse it, don’t run it continuously.

  3. I have the Hand Held Blender by Cuisinart and I love it, I use it at dock and on anchor with the inverter, it uses about 6 amps.

  4. I’ve been using my Oster stick blender for about 4 years and it works very well. No need for anything else!

  5. I have a Braun multimix hand held mixer that one of the attachments is an immersion mixer. Great multi use tool

  6. I use a corded KitchenAid immersion (stick) blender. It came with a chopper attachment (which I use in lieu of a food processor) and a whisk (which I’ve never used). The blender is wonderful and we use it often. Making mayonnaise, vegetable soups, drinks, all kinds of things. Highly recommended.

    I tried some battery powered units before buying my KitchenAid and found them underpowered. YMMV.

  7. Deb Lewis says:

    Have had a Braun corded handheld for about ever and use it in the house, not on board. For many things it is invaluable. It shorted out not more than a week ago but it had to be 25 years old if it was a day. Will replace but have had others over the years and found the cordless ones not as good – not enough power.

  8. I had an expensive Bosch one. Brilliant when it worked, but I went through two in two years! So although it was brilliant I can’t recommend it. Neither can I recommend the Morphy Richards one as it makes such a mess. I’m now on a Braun, so far so good.

  9. I used one … Once , on board… Covered the cabin liner for to aft.., port to starboard with cheese cake batter…. Never again!

  10. Love my Braun. Use ot for making dips for sundowners mostly. Hafe had carrot dip on the ceiling but I still love it.

  11. Like, duh! Why didn’t I ever put two and two together? I loved my old immersion blender and a rechargeable, cordless one makes oh-so much sense! I’m a one-pot, sea-swing stove kind of chef and I’m amazed I never thought of this!

  12. I use a good heavy manual Egg beater. Works great, uses no power and have mixed cakes and blended soups. May take a little longer but works fine

  13. I have a Cuisinart at home, and would bring it, and its attachments on board anytime!

  14. Another vote for Braun, corded, low wattage. Mine has a chopper and the stick – a can of pulses in the chopper becomes a sundowner dip in minutes and frozen fruit smoothies mmmm

  15. Vala Richmond says:

    I got the cordless Braun – in the end I don’t think it was worth the high price tag. You have to keep the unit stored on the base to charge/keep charged, and it took up way more space than I wanted to give up – especially since I didn’t use it that often. I finally put it away, and after not being charged for a long time, now it doesn’t seem to have the same power output as before. Have been wishing I just got a corded version instead.

  16. I had onboard a cordless, rechargeable Morphy Richards model no longer manufactured – it was brilliant for soups and hummous etc. eventually it died of old age and as yet I’ve not found a replacement as we cruise the southern Caribbean. Recharged beautifully via a tiny car style inverter when at anchor but not so easily on Ocean passages when I had to wedge it and it’s stand on a bunk with a pile of cushions!!

  17. Jane Overbeck says:

    My cordless Braun died after less than six months of very light use, so I bought the Kitchen Aid cordless — very powerful, more $$$, but worth every penny. I use it daily to make smoothies and generally stir, chop, and do everything you would do with a regular canister blender. Power use is an issue with us because we are usually anchored or moored. Being rechargeable, the Kitchen Aid is ideal for us.

  18. I absolutely LOVE the Tupperware Power Chef that I just bought. I have made guacamole, instant ice cream, smoothies and an omlette in it so far (have only had it for a week!)
    More info here:

    • Barbara Lowell says:

      wow … never a dull moment plus always something new to get our hard earned money … would definitely try this if I didn’t already have too many gadgets (landlubber). Love this but also fickle about how plastics/silicone/petroleum stuff have taken over our lives and studies show levels of alarming toxicity in some cases there is gassing off that never stops, like mercury in teeth 🙁

  19. Kerry Tait says:

    I have an old Bamix, yes it’s on a cord but I’d say you could get a cordless nowadays.

    I just checked out their current models:

    And yep, they still make the very best stick blenders as: they are completely stainless steel, the cleanup is very very easy, the motors are great and biggest miracle of all, they are still made in switzerland.

    I have worked as a chef and I cannot stand crap gear that dies. The Bamix gear is the best domestic stick blender you can buy.

    Hope this helps.

  20. Lisa Braiterman says:

    I bought a Kitchen Aid immersion blender with the 1 liter drink container and the food processor bowl. I did this because I was on an Amel 52 that had this setup and I found I did all the food prep with this, no big food processor required. That boat had a generator and the unit was corded. The Kitchen Aid is cordless and rechargeable. Much easier! No big bonder required for smoothies or the frozen cocktail either.

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