Easy Eyeglass Storage

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Easy DIY project: Eyeglass storage you can make in about 10 minutes -- keep your sunglasses right by the companionway!

I saw this great storage idea for eyeglasses, sunglasses and readers when I was on a friend’s Gemini yesterday. Brenda of Some Dream graciously let me take a photo and use it here.

She found it pre-made at Camping World some years ago. The suction cup bungees were sold for RVers and others to put across shelves (cupboards and in the refrigerator) to secure items from falling. Well, the suction cups just weren’t up to the task and the few reviews I could find were very negative about using them for that purpose. I can’t find that they’re still sold anywhere.

However, the suction cups are strong enough to hold a few pairs of glasses. You can get a couple of suction cups, a bit of bungee cord and make your own pretty easily.

Or use a couple of cup hooks and put up shock cord similar to my towel bar. It’d work just as well for glasses . . . as would some of the other ideas people left in the comments on that post.

I like the concept because it’s so easy to do, keeps any glasses you’re not wearing accessible and takes up very little room. Admittedly, I haven’t done it on our boat . . . both Dave and I wear the polarized Transitions glasses (yeah, progressive bifocal too) and just don’t have any other glasses. But for years we did, and this would have been perfect next to the companionway!

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  1. GREAT idea! I could use this at home, too!

  2. We use this for our glasses too

  3. We found these shower organizers (we added the shock cord). It also holds my GPS watches (I’m a runner) and other miscellaneous things. We have “his and ” hers”.

  4. Have you announced where you are laying off in the Keys? We are going to be in area next week and would love to have a sighting of Barefoot Gal, from afar of course! We love your menus and tips. Tnx so much. Buying your battery monitor for our Hunter 26 next.

    • We’re in Boot Key Harbor — Marathon. Can’t really see us from shore, we’re at the west end of the mooring field. Let me know when you’ll be here — love to meet in person if it works with both our schedules!

  5. Vala Richmond says:

    Great idea! I’ve taken to stashing reading glasses all over the boat as I inevitably need one at the other end of wherever I left them. I have had great luck with 3M’s removable hooks, both the coat hooks and the smaller ones, great for holding shock cord in unusual places without having to drill holes or glue.. I have had good success putting them on both wood and fiberglass surfaces, they seem to handle the humidity well too. They can’t take too much weight but come off remarkably easy when you want to take them down. Even after they have been up for awhile.

  6. Frank Collins says:

    Great Idea, I have numerous pairs of glasses and when needed they are usually gone. Funny, but as I get older the easier it is to lose them, except for the ones that are on the top of my head. Lol.

  7. Nooooo! Never store glasses like this they’ll get scratched especially in a high traffic area like a companionway. If you value your eyesight and your expensive lenses always put them back in their case. We’ve a deep shelf by the chart table for storing glasses cases and spare pairs in their cases live in.a plastic shoe box in a locker. Also add a string to every pair so you never lose them overboard, even a bit of thin “boat string” tied to either arm will suffice.

  8. Yep have that system & love it

  9. Wonderfully obvious solution!

  10. Just did exactly this with fishing line. It works a treat when we remember to put the glasses there. ☺

  11. Barbara Lowell says:

    Love the scratch free quality of this storage. Most of my glasses are scratched because I am scatterbrained about where I leave them. Thanx

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