Don’t Blindly Follow Experts (BR Podcast 26)

It's great to get opinions and ideas from other people . . . but don't blindly follow their recommendations if they don't make sense for you!
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Don’t Blindly Follow Experts (BR Podcast 26)


Getting ideas from other cruisers is wonderful, but you have to temper the advice they give with knowing what you like and what you plan to do.

For example, “everyone” told me I needed a double sink when we were buying our first boat. I learned, the one I got wasn’t right for me. And then there were those oven mitts . . .

Listen in for the story . . .

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  • Leo Corsetti
    Posted at 17 January 2017 Reply

    X is an unknown factor and a sport is a drip under pressure

  • Gari Crump-Mitchell
    Posted at 23 February 2017 Reply

    This blog is so helpful! Thank you very much.

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