Don't have a halyard for a "traditional" wind scoop? The Breeze Booster is perfect for motor boats, catamarans and hatches without a nearby halyard!

Breeze Booster

Don’t have a halyard for a traditional wind scoop? The Breeze Booster is a great free-standing wind scoop for power boats, catamarans and anyone else who has a hatch but no nearby halyard.

Let me start by saying that we had a halyard perfectly positioned for our four-way wind scoop on Que Tal and also now on Barefoot Gal, and so we have not used one of these.  But I’ve seen them in use on many boats — particularly trawlers and cats — and the owners have given them great reviews.

A while ago, Royce Johnson aboard Cerca Trova reminded me about these, saying that they have a cat and 6 deck hatches and just can’t use halyard-hoisted wind scoops.

Says Royce, “Nothing is perfect, always a trade-off: BreezeBoosters are only 1-direction wind catchers but are so easy to reposition the it can be done from inside the boat.  Same for dousing them in a rain squall.”

  • The Breeze Boosters use fiberglass rods and a tensioning cord — there’s nothing to permanently install.
  • It closes to the size of a large umbrella for storage.
  • Can be turned in any direction to catch the wind, although it will be most effective when the hatch is not partially blocking the wind.
  • The Breeze Booster cannot be used with existing hatch screens, but they sell an optional no-see-um screen that fits over the whole scoop.  NOTE:  My experience is that having a screen — particularly a no-see-um screen — over any hatch significantly restricts the air movement . . . but if you’re in an anchorage with no-see-ums, mosquitoes or swarming bees, the screen is better than closing up totally.
  • Comes in royal blue, navy, white, red, green and maroon.
  • Comes in small, medium and large sizes to fit most hatches.

See more pictures, including how to put it up, and order at

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  • Roxanne Cooper
    Posted at 07 June 2012 Reply

    We bought a copule of these for our 32′ Catamaran several weeks ago. We needed more air flow down below from the port windows so we bought the small size. They work great! Especially in the head where it gets really stuffy.

  • Rhonda Rains Leith on Facebook
    Posted at 03 January 2013 Reply

    Love these! We have 2 and they really help on those hot days!

  • Patty Alderson on Facebook
    Posted at 03 January 2013 Reply

    We have 3 on our boat and when in the Caribbean they keep below decks very cool!

  • Susan Schreyer Leaf on Facebook
    Posted at 03 January 2013 Reply

    We have one that has seen a lot of use at anchor. Keeps the entire inside cool.

  • Bejay Redford Linde Grackin
    Posted at 24 August 2013 Reply

    Have them and love them. We added a line to attach them to the boat because when a cool front caused the boat to swing, it flexed and blew off the boat.

  • Sami Bolton
    Posted at 24 August 2013 Reply

    We have the porthole version for our 50ft Marine Trader trawler…….LOVE them. Be sure to tie each one to something inside the boat as a tether in case you forget they are there and leave the slip without pulling them in, because they do stick out. Obviously they are designed for being at anchor but do work anywhere there is a need of more breeze. We got the ones with screens in them. Also, they are made in Muskogee Oklahoma so ask for the Okie discount!

  • Laurie
    Posted at 24 August 2013 Reply

    Hi Carolyn, That is a very cool product! I am enjoying your site so much. We purchased our first sailboat last September and are in love. This is such a fun adventure. We are up near the San Juan Islands.
    We do have a halyard. Do you know of some plans or instructions to make our own wind scoop?
    Thank you

  • Terri Farnstrom
    Posted at 24 July 2014 Reply

    We have three on our boat. One of the best things we’ve ever bought.

  • Beth Hipp Tyler
    Posted at 22 May 2016 Reply

    We have two Breeze Boosters and love them!

  • Margaret Stewart
    Posted at 22 May 2016 Reply

    And it looks like you can use screens to keep the bugs out when the breeze dies, too!

  • Jan Alexander
    Posted at 22 May 2016 Reply

    We love ours, but after a couple years in the tropics, it has completely rotted in the sun 🙁 We will look at reconstructing the fabric part, but that will require some head scratching, as it’s assembled with rivets. Any ideas?

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 23 May 2016 Reply

      You got a lot of life out of it, I’d say! We get about a year out of most wind scoops with daily use in the tropics. Since we don’t have one, I’m not sure exactly how to go about re-making it, but could you use a rivet gun or the Sailrite rivets (borrow either from another boat . . . )? Also, using the 303 Aerospace Protectant will help the fabric last longer.

  • Cheryl Bular
    Posted at 27 May 2016 Reply

    Weve had 2 in the past 20 yrs. I like that it’s easy to get down when a bad blow pops up.

  • LaDonna Thomas
    Posted at 07 September 2017 Reply

    The “Port Booster” from the same company is AWESOME!! I think it brings in more air that the original hatch booster.

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