With one small change to your favorite lasagna recipe, it's easy to make in the Omnia Stove Top Baking Oven. And it will taste delicious!

“Almost” Lasagna in the Omnia

As I’ve been posting several articles lately on things I’ve made in the Omnia Stove Top Baking Oven I’ve gotten some questions and requests for info on baking particular items. Read more about the Omnia here or buy it from either of these two sellers:

One, from Annie, was about casseroles in general and lasagna in particular.  That’s great as I love lasagna and her question gave me a reason to make it.

While almost any sort of a casserole can be baked in the Omnia Oven, lasagna presents a little more of a challenge due to the circular shape of the Omnia baking pan.  How exactly do you fit the long wide pasta in there in layers?

Remember how the title of this was “Almost” Lasagna?  Well, while you could break the lasagna noodles up and try to piece them together around the circle, I’ve found an easier way to do it as long as you don’t insist that your lasagna has to be in perfect layers.

My “Almost” Lasagna has all the same ingredients as regular lasagna except that I use rotini pasta instead of lasagna noodles.  You can actually use any sort of “bite sized” pasta, including penne, bow ties, or even macaroni.  You can use pretty much any type, including whole wheat, colored or even gluten-free.

Use the ingredients from your favorite lasanga recipes and size the batch for an 8″ x 8″ pan (if your recipe fills a 9″ x 13″ pan, make a half batch and it’ll be about right).  Before filling the pan, lightly oil the inside so that the melted cheese will stick less.

You can assemble it one of two ways:

  • layer the ingredients into the pan, as with traditional lasagna, or
  • toss all the ingredients together (reserving some of the mozzarella for the top), put it into the pan, then top with the reserved cheese.

Don’t fill the top inch of the pan — there must be sufficient air space over the top for it to bake properly.

As you’re assembling the lasagna, preheat the Omnia base over high heat for three minutes.  Then put the cover on the pan and set it all on the base.  Leave the heat at high for one minute, then turn it down to medium.

Let the lasagna bake for 30 minutes.  When done, it will be bubbling around the edges and the cheese on top will be melted although not browned.

Remove from the heat and leave the cover off for about 5 minutes before serving.  Cut pieces with a nylon or silicone spatula to avoid marking the pan.

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  • Mike McCollough on Facebook
    Posted at 25 November 2012 Reply

    Going to have to try this one

  • Liz Mehrtens
    Posted at 09 April 2014 Reply

    I have used the Omnia for the last 4 months aboard our boat. I make all of our bread and some quick breads as well. I really enjoy using this oven. I use on top of an Origo 2 burner alcohol stove. It is a fantastic product. Thanks for turning us on to it Carolyn.

  • Sailing with Totem
    Posted at 30 September 2015 Reply

    did someone say lasagna? 😉

  • Jan Alexander
    Posted at 19 January 2016 Reply

    No need for an Omnia. Here is one of several recipes on the internet for skillet lasagna. Any noodle shape will do, no need for “no boil noodles”. You just have check now and then to see that there’s enough water to cook the noodles. A great one pan meal; I use a 10″ cast iron skillet (yes, against conventional wisdom) and have leftovers for lunch 🙂

  • Drake Roberts
    Posted at 19 January 2016 Reply

    I am so amazed at how well that can Omnia oven can bake bread!

  • Linda M Fletcher
    Posted at 15 February 2016 Reply

    Annie Fletcher can you make this vegan?

  • Jub jubson
    Posted at 03 October 2017 Reply

    You can make a sort of lasagna using thin slices of cooled polenta instead of pasta. Marcela Hazan has some nice recipes out there using that technique.
    It works great in the omnia because polenta can be cut to any shape.
    If you were ambitious you could let the polenta cool in the omnia pan, using it as a mold. Then quarter it and slice.

  • Marvin Gauthier
    Posted at 25 October 2017 Reply

    This makes me want to drop my diet……i can one day soon and then i get ro make this on my boat thanks for everything you post.

  • Carolanne Clement
    Posted at 26 October 2017 Reply

    This is similar to my ‘cheats’ lasagne. I make the tomato & meat sauce as usual and so too the cheesy white sauce. I then add cooked spiral or shell pasta to both sauces & alternate the layers ending with a cheese topping. When preparing in advance for the boat I vacuum seal the sauces separately and freeze, then simply thaw and layer and into the oven when required. Delicious and simple!

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