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When you’re not using your stove, does it bug you how much space it takes up?  Space that could be used as a counter?

Recently, two readers have shared photos of how they created “removable counter tops” over their stoves and graciously agreed for me to post them here.  Both are fairly simple DIY projects and even if neither one works perfectly for you, they may give you some ideas.

Que Tal had elaborate custom made covers for both the sinks and stove, but I almost never used them because they were really heavy and there was no convenient place to store them.  And something that takes me 5 minutes to get out just isn’t going to used numerous times a day!

Both of these look to be much more likely to be used all the time.  With either, be sure that the stove surface has sufficiently cooled after the stove has been used before putting the cover on.  And in really rough weather, you should remove the cover and stow it where it can’t become a flying missile and cause damage or injury!

Maple Cutting Board

The first set of photos comes from Karla Vialle aboard Aria, who has also gave some good ideas on converting a hanging locker to shelves and making your own dog treats.

Two ideas for making your own removable counter top to go over the stove when it's not in use -- and both are fairly easy DIY projects!

Karla bought a large maple cutting board that just fit the stove top, with a couple of inches still clear at the back.  Then she and her husband added a simple cabinet pull and two boat hook hangers (link to to buy them on Amazon) . . .

Two ideas for making your own removable counter top to go over the stove when it's not in use -- and both are fairly easy DIY projects!

and she can easily hang it when she wants to use the stove.  She notes that it also keep the stove top cleaner!

Plastic Cutting Board

Annette Baker sent me this picture of her stove cover (Annette has tons of boat sewing advice and resources on her blog, that was created by the previous owner of her boat, Magnolia.

Two ideas for making your own removable counter top to go over the stove when it's not in use -- and both are fairly easy DIY projects!

This uses a white 1/2″ thick cutting board, with wood added to both ends so that it fits snugly in the stove top.  The pre-cut hole makes it easy to pick up.

Two ideas for making your own removable counter top to go over the stove when it's not in use -- and both are fairly easy DIY projects!

The wood on Annette’s was routed and apparently glued onto the cutting board, but if you don’t have access to a router, you could also use separate pieces of wood on the top and bottom and screw or glue them to the cutting board.  One nice thing about using the white plastic cutting board is that it weighs a lot less than a thick wood board, making it easier to move off/on the stove numerous times a day.

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  • Sherry Day on Facebook
    Posted at 24 June 2013 Reply

    I set the sink cover over the stove. I added rubber bumpers to each corner to lift it up a little and keep it from sliding. It still fits into the sink so I can change work surfaces with just one self-storing piece.

  • Ronald A. Horton on Facebook
    Posted at 24 June 2013 Reply

    On Sojourner we had a wood cover that was also a nice serving tray with side handles. The bottom had two ribs with notches in them to fit over the wire stove top grates. It was really slick. When not in use It would fit nicely on edge between the side of the sink cabinet and the companion way stairs. We also designed a folding shelf with fiddles to attach to the backrest of the saloon settee. Remove the back cushion and raise the shelf. Down it hides behind the cushion. The boat had no counter space. Worked on several other items. Dennis Schell will be doing the 1500 on his own boat this time.

  • Annette Baker
    Posted at 24 June 2013 Reply

    Glad to contribute to this helpful article. Since I sent you the pictures of the starboard cutting board for the stove top we upgraded the stove to a shiny Force 10 and the cutting board top fits it as well. I like adding the hooks for hanging. Ours just sits underneath the stove or I use it on the counter top when I’m cooking.

  • Sue Fuller
    Posted at 28 June 2013 Reply

    We use a white starboard cover for our stovetop available from Zarcor. Some great extra counter space when the stove is not in use.

  • Koko
    Posted at 04 May 2015 Reply

    I’d like to incorporate this idea on my boat. I have a cutting board that fits, but I’m having a hard time locating hardware to hang it. The men at West Marine looked at me like I had two heads when I asked for “dock pole hangers.” Can anyone help me figure out exactly what the hardware is that was used for this project? Thanks!

  • Shereen
    Posted at 19 July 2016 Reply

    On our boat the previous owner took with him the custom cutting board covers that came with the boat. Thus we measured and had custom bamboo cutting boards made for our galley sink and the cook top from:

    They did an outstanding job and I would highly recommend them.

  • Jim
    Posted at 21 July 2016 Reply

    Tap plastics cut my HDPE sink and stove covers to fit and rounded the corners. I drilled 1″ holes. The sink cover has a cutout to fill a glass of water without moving the cover.

  • Donna Chiappini
    Posted at 16 October 2016 Reply

    Carolyn, we have a Force 10 stove that my handy husband made a beautiful cutting board for from a $9.99 solid wood board we got at IKEA. He had to cut it to fit, varnish and seal and it looks totally custom. It sits perfectly flush and gives us considerable extra counter space. I’m happy to share a picture:

    Stove Cover

  • Lori Graham
    Posted at 08 November 2016 Reply

    Here is my problem:
    I have a wood cutting board that fits perfectly. And it fits in the space between the oven and the counter when not on the stove. But now that we are cruising I have the pot holders attached to the stovetop and it doesn’t fit down snuggling. And resting it on top of the pot holders is awkward. Plus it takes a lot of time to remove and replace the pot holders. So, I don’t have this extra counter space anymore.

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 08 November 2016 Reply

      Yes, the pot holders can get in the way. If you made “legs” under the board, could it still fit where you want to store it?

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