A Better Hanging Fruit Basket

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A Better Hanging Fruit Basket -- an easy DIY project that solves three problems with the wire baskets: no rust, far less bruising, and no bugs!

A Better Hanging Fruit Basket -- an easy DIY project that solves three problems with the wire baskets: no rust, far less bruising, and no bugs! Hanging fruit baskets seem like such a great idea on a boat, yet in practice they have several problems.

I just love it when a reader sends in a way to really improve a piece of galley gear.  Jackie Bartz of Lively Lady, currently in the Rio Dulce, Guatemala sent me information on what she calls her “cheap-y” fruit basket that she and he husband created.

What I immediately noticed was that her design solves all three of the problems I had with a wire basket. It won’t rust, there aren’t pressure lines on the fruit (causing rot) and it keeps bugs and flies (and, reports Jackie, fruit bats!) off the fruit.

I guess if you want it done right, you’ve got to do-it-yourself!

Luckily in this case, it’s a pretty easy DIY job.

Jackie got three colanders at the dollar store and her husband drilled three equidistant holes in the rim of each.  Then they ran 1/8″ line through them, tying simple overhand knots in the line for the colanders to rest on (see close up below) and tying the lines together at the top to hang from a hook.

A Better Hanging Fruit Basket -- an easy DIY project that solves three problems with the wire baskets: no rust, far less bruising, and no bugs!

Jackie made the cover out of netting (you can get bridal veil netting almost everywhere and it’s fine enough to keep even the tiniest bugs out).  She put a long zipper in one side, running from the top to the bottom.  Then she folded over the top and bottom into casings and ran more thin line through them to be able to pull the netting tightly shut at the top and bottom.

Hanging baskets are great not just for fruit, but also many vegetables.  See my articles on Storing Fruit Outside the Refrigerator and Storing Veggies Outside the Refrigerator for more tips.

A trick I learned on a charter we were once on:  clip a bungee cord from the bottom to something below the baskets when underway to limit the swing.  Using bungee or shock cord provides some give so that the produce isn’t tossed around by a hard stop!

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  1. Michelle Beatty on Facebook says:

    Brilliant!! love this

  2. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:

    Great idea!! Thanks!!

  3. Adina Greenwood says:

    I’ll be making one soon. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great idea. Thanks

  5. What a fab idea, tks C I’m going to try it in my kitchen so long- galley is far from finished. tks

  6. Love this post !!

  7. What simple and ingenious idea! Love it!

  8. For those of us who don’t sew….use fabric glue to close the bottom and sticky backed velcro for the opening! This is a GREAT idea!!! Thanks!

  9. picked up my 3 colandars at the dollar store yesterday!

  10. I see your Heiney!!

  11. That is brilliant!

  12. dollar store pool noodles may help prevent damage from swinginginto sides/back. just my 0.02 $ worth.

  13. Love it, can’t wait to see details so I can add it yo our project list’

  14. Good idea. And to keep things best, don’t put potatoes and onions in the same locker. Onions make the potatoes sprout and I’ve noticed onions rotting after prolonged partying with the taters.

  15. That looks really nice Carolyn.

  16. Kmart here has similar baskets so I really looking at this. Thanks as always for good ideas !

  17. Sarah Finlayson

  18. looks good.

  19. Kellie Knowles

  20. Charles looks like the baskets you made a few years ago.

  21. Well I wish I would have shared this years back when we are on the sail boat because we did the same thing. A little bit different version. Another thing that I did was keep anything that we had nearby facing towards it. That seemed to help

  22. What a great idea!

  23. A d it made me think of the large laundry bags that you put undies in. One of them and 1 collander would work in a smaller space.

  24. Will definitely be using this idea. Thanks.

  25. Yes, we use similar. Stack the baskets and then use your drill and the holes shall be perfectly aligned. Remember for the cord to be long enough to allow a loop at the top for the hook.

  26. Absolutely brilliant! This will work in the RV, too!

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