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The short version:  TBG is once again an Amazon affiliate and purchases made through links (or search box) here earn TBG a tiny bit, with no extra cost to you.  As all the info here is free to read, this is huge in keeping the site going.

The longer version:  Let me begin by making clear that The Boat Galley is a labor of love.  But it also has expenses and takes a lot of my time.  I want the content here to be free but I also have to be realistic that I’m not independently wealthy so it has to pay for itself in some way.  My choice has been to support it with advertising and what are called affiliate links as opposed to charging membership fees or asking for donations.

Affiliate links are simply where The Boat Galley makes a tiny bit when someone makes a purchase through a link on the site.  Two very important things to know about this:  first, it doesn’t cost you any more than not using the link; and second, I never, ever provide a link or recommend a product simply because it will pay a little.  In fact, I often don’t include a link to an online source for an item because I know you can get it more cheaply at a local store.  TBG readers are my friends!  However, if I like a product and the company is offering a small payment, you bet I’m going to take it.

Amazon has an affiliate program that was a great fit for TBG.  They have many products that I love — and usually the best prices on them.  I felt good linking to them.  To make a long story short, Amazon ended their affiliate program in certain states due to political wrangling over sales taxes.  I was one of the ones cancelled several months ago (and I wrote about it in Being Transparent).  However, due to a recent decision by the Illinois Supreme Court, I was reinstated today.

Amazon requires that I post a notice to this effect on TBG, but frankly I want to be transparent.  I don’t want to hide how TBG is supported — it’s not just Amazon, but some other merchants such as Distant Shores DVDs, and Melody’s bracelets that pay a little on sales.  Other merchants buy ads on the site.  Together it means that all the info on the site is free.

No one has to buy through any of the links here, but I greatly appreciate those who do.  And to make it easier, there’s an Amazon box with a search feature right under every article.

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  1. Dear Carolyn,
    I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the wonderful site you provide. We intend to move onto a boat next year (hopefully) . I love your site and really appreciate all the effort you put into it. Keep up the excellent work.

    Kind Regards

  2. Brian Kealy says:

    I moved aboard in the Florida Keys 2 years ago. You’re sight base been so helpful in making the transition. the non galley post have been very interesting too. I have asked some friends who work on boats to try the ear plug trick with their sea sick passengers. I’ll let you know what they find.


  3. Do you know if your Amazon links carry the credit to you if I add the item to my Wish List and buy them later? I rarely purchase things the same day I see them, but let them “ferment” in my Wish List for a while. At least half of the items on my list come from your suggestions! So I hope you get some credit eventually 🙂

    • Thanks so much Louise!

      Okay, I just doubled checked on this to be sure. I don’t get any credit for items put on your Wish List. On the other hand, if you put them in your cart and then select “Save for Later,” I do get credit if you buy in less than 90 days from when you put it in the cart. If you put something in your cart and then decide not to get it, you can click “Remove” to totally get rid of it.

      • Good to know! Do you get credit for anything I put in my cart during that session, as long as I buy it in 90 days? I often fall down the rabbit hole on Amazon…”Oh, look at all the related products! I didn’t know Command made cell phone mounting thingies, and three new styles of brushed nickel hooks, and black picture hangers…” and an hour later I have 12 more wish list items.

        My cart is going to get very full!

  4. Thanks for the update. Your site/newsletter is one of the best! I look forward it every week AND I have purchased many of the things you recommend . Keep up the good work. The links are a terrific resource….makes it so much easier to find what you are referring to in the article. Love the fact that you can be compensated at no cost to me. Hope it is worthwhile for you!!!

  5. Rose Alderson says:

    Hi Carolyn,

    I also want to express my ongoing deep gratitude for what you do. The information you provide on such a great variety of goods, is a real asset for anyone looking to spend more quality life aboard!

    I was disappointed to read your charter in Florida fell though! Sounds like you made some memories anyhow… At least one epic day on the water. Thanks got the reminder of how you make a bit to support your site. I am looking a Voyaging Handbook by Beth Leonard. I will go through your links and see if I can contribute a small amount. Thanks for the wonderful service you provide! Your’s is the only repetitive mailer that I consistently look forward to!


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